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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Trendipia, who will be the new great talent of fashion?

SE BUSCA! Young designer is looking forward to making himself known. Do you think you can be the new fashion talent? Trendipia is looking for you.

Serendipity: It is said of the fortunate (and unexpected) finding that occurs when you are looking for a different thing (Wikipedia dixit). Trendipia: web that has put the poster of 'in search and capture' of the new great fashion guru.

It has been running for six months, half a year being a platform of trends and, above all, of support for young designers. With its first contest (which closes on May 17) the web tries to find the "next Lagerfeld" to that new talent from the fashion world. The ten sketches most voted by the users of the web will pass the final scrutiny, that of the expert committee that will appoint a winner (with a prize of € 400). On the other hand, this same committee will select at least three sketches from among the 25 most voted by users for its production and sale.
The new vice of fashionistas
If you are more voyeur and coolhunter than creator, Trendipia is your window to new trends. The web has its own Online store, which is being renewed continuously with the hottest brands of the moment, and a Blog focused on the new talents of fashion creation, it-girls and all the latest fashionistas both on the catwalk and on the street.
Here we believe in serendipity, in the gift of opportunity and in that chance hides something else. If you are that new Lagerfeld, leave your mark on Trendipia. You're wanted!

Video: Campanha Crowdfunding Lisá Tamiris (April 2020).

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