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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: on the road, between documentaries and under the influence of Rome

This weekend, do not stay at home. Stroll through the Monti neighborhood in Rome, the new Trastevere, take a car route along the most breathtaking roads and, if you finally decide on a sofa and blanket, pay tribute to Landa and Haneke.

1. In bed: Limonov, Emmanuel Carrère. The novel portrait of a quirky character that is more a route through the history of Russia through a bizarre personality. Contradictory and desperate, Limonov engages. And live. See minutes.
2. On the bar: Lounge, San José Hotel (Austin, Texas). From sake to Texan beers, homemade cocktails ... San Jose HotelIn addition to being one of those hotels that give good vibes, it has a terrace-lounge that is worth spending days and days ... It even organizes its own festival!

Austin hipsters © Lounge Hotel San Jose

3. Between frames: Documentamadrid (Matadero, Madrid) More than between frames, between frames. A non-stop of substantial documentaries fill the Slaughterhouse. We recommend Metamorphosen (a portrait of the rural world in southern Russia), I Will Be Murdered (about the mysterious death of a man who had predicted his own murder on YouTube) and the Pedralbes killer, an approach to the personality of José Luis Cerveto, sentenced to death.
4. In the club: Necci, neighborhood of El Pigneto, Rome. “What San Lorenzo was a few years ago is what is still the Pigneto”, is how the Romans usually describe this neighborhood to the southeast of the city, which is overcoming its former fame (of dangerous and contestant) and stands as another focus of attention, mostly nocturnal, beyond the Roman historical center.

Necci in Pigneto, the best nights in Rome © Cristóbal Prado

5. On the table: Six eight (Albasanz Street, 68, Madrid). Here you not only eat (and in a delicious way, by the way) but you also live gastronomy as it has to be lived: with people. So, between live music, exhibitions, showcookings, DJ sessions ... The food tastes much better.

Show-Gastronomy © Six Eight

6. On the road: any of the road movie mega-routes that we have mounted in Traveler. So you know, if you like driving ...
7. In the stadium:
Espanyol - Real Madrid, Saturday at 22.00
8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home):
The innocent saints. You can not miss the tribute to Alfredo Landa. You know, we can opt for that landism that created the 'Spain brand' of the first uncover or for some wonder like this Mario Camus movie. Oh, pretty lady.

The innocent saints © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Acoustic knot The Madrid band sets dates for their future Iberian tour and leaves us this gift. Songs so delicate and naked that they hurt.
10. A neighborhood: Monti the rione Rome's most desired neighborhood. It has everything: it is Centrally located - its boundaries are drawn between the Via Nazionale to the north and the Via Cavour to the south-; its streets preserve the sanpietrini (as the Roman stone tiles are known) intact, and their houses, all the moldings, reliefs and chips that are needed to give it that touch of authenticity for which we so much sigh in love with those of Rome.
11. In the conversation: Haneke, Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts 2013. With what film do you stay in Austrian? Here you have a few scenarios to travel ... or rather, that you want to do it.

The Monti neighborhood © Cristóbal Prado

Video: No One Who Has Seen This Film Has Easily Forgotten It: Detour - Film Noir (April 2020).

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