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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Michelin star supermarkets (almost) in Bangkok

It is said that you have been in Bangkok for too long when eating or thinking about it becomes an obsession That occupies almost all of your free time. And it is that Thais live by and for food, which in Bangkok reaches levels that escape Michelin guides and the like. It is not that the Thai capital does not have representatives in the best lists, which has them. And in each corner there are street food stalls that would compete with them, at a fifth of their price.

For a Thai, the day is a succession of time between one meal and the next, at the mercy of the stomach than of fixed hours. Let's say, for example, supermarkets. Given so much food exposed, it would be unthinkable not to devote an area to regain strength, after the torture of strolling before vegetables, fish and various meats, so bright and juicy that sometimes you feel like touching them to see if they are real. In Bangkok, There is no large supermarket worth its salt that does not have an area to eat. An excellent idea, since in addition to using fresh products and being protected from heat in the air conditioner, they are solved Two issues at a stroke: shopping and food.

We present three (+ 1 extra)

1) Siam Paragon

You haven't seen what a supermarket can be until you know the Gourmet Market by Siam Paragon. Corridors and corridors of all the products that one can imagine (and more than not even knew they existed), are exposed in this luxury mega-supermarket, suitable only for powerful economies or extreme morriña crisis. More than 1,000 wine brands from around the world, 300 cold cuts or 1,500 Thai snacks to take home, are some of the overwhelming figures that give an idea of ​​its scope. You have to go with a fixed plan and know what you are going to buy, or surrender to the fact that we will spend hours wandering endlessly in this gastronomic labyrinth. From Serrano ham with black leg or Manchego cheese, going through lavender hokkaido milk, American brand cereals, French chocolates, fresh bread, tea of ​​all varieties or fresh tuna arrived that same morning from Tokyo.

On one side of the entrance is the eating area. Small counters with stools offer sushi, pizza, salads and soups. And after these, we find a reproduction of street stalls, although at a price twice as high that a few meters beyond the heated confines of the mall, of course. Mango with sticky rice, grilled pork skewers or typical Thai sweet with coconut milk; small transparent plastic bags with curry rations and other Thai dishes to take away; and homemade tofu, among other delicacies. It is estimated that there should be around 100 restaurants in and around the Gourmet Market, including Koreans, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai and French, among others. A few meters from the supermarket exit, a circular area of ​​about 20 small stalls offers noodle soup with duck and prawns, fried rice with crab or the classic pad thai - fried noodles with bean sprouts, shrimp and peanuts - for only two euros.

2) Central Chidlom

It probably has the best selection of meats and cold cuts in Bangkok, with products imported from the United States, Japan, England or Australia. Their cheese selection has nothing to envy to any European supermarket (except prices: only in import taxes do Thai people pay at least 90% more for a foreign cheese).

In the restaurant section Japanese abound - not surprisingly they are the largest group of foreign residents in Bangkok - Italians, Chinese and Indians. Nail Grilled Honey Marinated Skewers with its corresponding sticky rice to accompany and the papaya salad leaves around 5 euros. A Japanese salad with sushi, avocado and rice, accompanied by green tea, 6.

3) Villa Market

You could not lag behind this supermarket chain so popular among resident foreigners, who find here products that make them feel closer to home. The recently created Gastro section offers sandwiches, sushi, sashimi, roast beef or fried noodles, plus a bread and rolls oven It expands its smell throughout the restaurant, making it difficult not to be tempted.

But the good thing about any of these three supermarkets doesn't end here. When one goes out with the car to overflow, a uniformed employee with gloves takes the bags to the car or the taxi, prolonging the feeling of luxury until the last moment.

4) Or Tor Kor market

Separate chapter deserves this market in the Chatuchak neighborhood where the best of each region of Thailand. Mangoes, mangosteen, papayas, apples and tamarinds and many more fruits and vegetablesthey are exposed in an almost clinical environment judging by the cleanliness of the facilities. Nuts of the Golden Triangle, spices and meats from northern Thailand and cooking instruments are sold in the so-called “high society market” among Thais, for taking care of their environment. The food stalls section occupies a third of its size, and it is the great open secret among local chefs, who come here to taste the oyster tortillas, the great variety of curries from southern Thailand or the fish and seafood that are prepared daily.

Any of the four offers Authentic Thai food, reasonably priced and outside the traditional confines. Reasons enough to try them.

A position at Or Tor Kor Market © Carmen Gómez Menor

Video: GIANT LOBSTER TOM YUM!! Insane Thai Street Food at Night Market in Bangkok, Thailand! (April 2020).

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