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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Ice cream and ice cream design

Doesn't it usually happen that, after the storm, it comes to calm? With the ice cream, that object of summer desire, it seems that the time of fever for experiments, deconstructions and strange flavors has been left behind. There are still new adventures, but now artisanal ice creams are made, made the same day, at the right temperature and without additives or formal or aesthetic stridencies.

This return to the origins is not strange, especially in Spain, where until recently I only ate ice cream in summer (almost always bought in kiosks) and we hardly left the four classic flavors: vanilla, chocolate, cream and strawberry that, at most, they mixed. Nothing to do with the most varied Italian and Nordic traditions, which introduce bits of seasonal fruits, chocolate or nuts.

What is changing are some spaces, who try to attract us throughout the year with original and fresh proposals. Some use the sense of humor and color, and others a rigorous, formal architecture. There are also those that have not changed. We visited half the world to know what ice cream shops are like today.


- Eyescream. It has opened four months ago and, of course, enters through the eyes. Joad López and Federico Mendoza, both from Miami, they have introduced the “shaved ice cream / shaved ice cream” - with a texture halfway between the sorbet and the ice cream- in the manner of Taiwan, but with Italian style. Another of its peculiarities are the sugar eyes that adorn each ice cream, which look at us playful.

Eyescream: ice cream with eyes © Eyescream

- Vioko. Located at the most populous end of the Barceloneta, the avant-garde approach fades when entering: you find yourself in a white space with slight concessions to black without knowing very well what is sold there. Well, they sell ice cream and chocolate. They offer temporary collections, as in fashion, with new flavors, colors and packaging and they bring pistachios from Iran, Belgian chocolate, French flowers, hazelnuts from Italian Piedmont, which are mixed and made by the Argentine pastry chef Lucila Baiardi.

Cheesecake ice cream with fruits of the Vioko forest © Vioko

- Delacrem. If there is an ice cream shop considered by the locals as the best, it is Delacrem, a classic, with its small interior and terrace. The owner, Massimo Pignata, is brought from his native Piedmont the hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds that give color and vigor to its extraordinary ice cream. Pignata is clear: there are not many flavors, it is not necessary. There are only the "righteous, hand-crafted and pure."

Delacream: little and select © Delacream


- Oiartzun. Two years ago the traditional Oiarzun pastry shop in San Sebastián had a spin off, an extension of your project: an ice cream shop with a very different image. The baroque and motley aspect of the bakery gave way to a certain controlled minimalism by the brothers Montse and David Martín. The space is open to the street, and on the predominant white the colors of the different flavors and the simple geometric shapes stand out. cheerful walls with motifs of balls and cones.


- Pop Bar. In the Big Apple the ice cream on a stick continues to triumph. Of course, Reuben BenJehuda - who comes from the world of fashion - and Daniel Yaghoubi - a German record producer - brings the stuff from Italy. There are 25 varieties and in the Pop Bar children are allowed to play in the “Pop Laboratory”, where They can make ice cream with their own flavor.


- Dri Dri. Color and fantasy for a cheerful image, which conveys the joy of living. They call themselves Ice cream restaurants and drink of Italian tradition. They have been designed by Elipsedesign, who has remembered by some symbols the old ice cream kiosks.

- Polka Gelato. In the antipodes of Dri Dri, Polka opts for the monochrome of black and white, open and functional spaces and the cold simplicity of cement. The color is provided by its delicious ice cream, the only cheerful note of the place, almost brutalist architecture to eat delicious ice cream.

Dri Dri: color and fantasy © Dri Dri

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