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Guide of Cannes not to get lost during the festival

For two weeks for more than fifty years the hotels are filled with stars, the clubs vibrate at parties and the Croisette is flooded with reporters ready to immortalize the same to Woody Allen in his last premiere than to Bjork with an origami dress or Robert Mitchum flirting with starlette Simone Silva. During and after the flashes and the show, Cannes has a lot to offer.

The most important film festival in the world is a showcase of luxury, glamor, stardom and lightness of helmets. Also of good movies, yes. We tell you the essentials of the French city:

The Red carpet. Watching a movie is reserved for those touched by the magic wand of accreditations, but the red carpet of the Palais is free and accessible for mitómanos; Everyone who is someone in the world of cinema ends up passing and posing here. To think of a less perishable stardom is the Maeght Foundation, in the medieval village of Saint Paul de Vence, where works by artists of the twentieth century who changed the history of art, from Braque to Miró, are exhibited.

La Croisette In the most emblematic boulevard of the city are the beautiful facades of the palaces converted into hotels: they are the Carlton (shot by Hitchcock in Catch a thief), the Majestic or the Martinez. The part of the beach closest to each of them is usually private, but for about 30 euros a day you get exclusivity and compadreo with the most chosen of the visitors in, for example, the Z Plage of the Martinez Hotel. The same success as Grace Kelly or Cary Gran was not guaranteedt. Mind you, the old neighborhood of Le Suquet It is free and with authenticity proof of any budget.

The Cote d'Azur in its fullness © Corbis

The golden palm It is not only the name of the most respected film award (because the most famous is a naked gold dora), it is also the name of the super restaurant of the super Hotel Martínez. And also eating well is the golden palm of almost any trip, something that in France this is almost guaranteed. In addition to the aforementioned Palme d'or, Astoux et Brun offers the best seafood and pilgrimage is imposed on La colombe d'or (here they love gold), in Saint Paul de Vence, one of those historic restaurants where Matisse ate o Picasso and in which occasionally artists they paid the bill with a work sketched to vuelapluma that today is worth a potosí.

A certain look. Beyond the boulo of the celluloid (or the ones and zeros that compose it now) Cannes is in one of the most beautiful and most traditional territories of France and in its surroundings compete the points of interest. At Îles de Lérins is reached on a half-hour boat trip and it seems that we are in another world; in Santa Margarita and San Honorato it is easy to forget the crowds walking through the woods, visiting the Museum of the Sea or evoking the mystery of the Iron Mask man, imprisoned here three centuries ago. In addition to the already mentioned Saint Paul de Vence, Grasse is a stone's throw away and in addition to The world headquarters of perfume is a beautiful medieval town inspired directly by the novel Perfumeby Patrick Suskind.

The alternative More than a joke with the phonetic similarity, it is already a consolidated event expert in making the need virtue turning surrealist occurrences into a hilarious reality: the Festival of Cans,In the Galician village of the same name, he projects short films, organizes talks, is open to everyone, swap limousines for tractors and waste agroglamor.

Cannes: a cinema and sea showcase © Corbis

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