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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Reasons why to face the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts

There are few skies in Madrid like the one enjoyed from the Circle of Fine Arts, knowing you epicenter, owner and lord, of a piece of the city's skyline at one of the cultural bases of the capital and our country. The circle terrace is a metaphor for the CBA itself: Madrid at the foot of culture; Madrid from the heights of creation and art.

Today the Circle of Fine Arts He asks us to give our faces for him and for the culture, to continue making possible everything that this building has achieved after more than 133 years shaking the minds of the city. We, in addition to the face, can the reasons.

1. History
It is obvious: the Circle of Fine Arts was not born out of nowhere. He was born from where the best things of this life are born: Of art. In 1880 a group of artists who sought to favor the work of dissemination of culture they founded this space, being their first president the painter Juan Martínez de Espinosa (Although the current headquarters in Alcalá 42 was established in 1926). Here a young man attended painting classes Picasso and great writers like Arniches or Benavente Hyacinth They were in charge of the Circle Directorate.

2. All this, before, was a party
But, ask the regular Valle-Inclán, between painting, sculpture and literature, the halls of Antonio Palacios (Galician architect in charge of the creation of the building) knew how to enjoy the party and organized great celebrations in their Ballroom. The best known that continues to perpetuate tradition today is the Masquerade. This, in addition to the entertainment, also required art: a poster contest was held every year. Last year, for example, the poster was provided by Chema Madoz which has become part of the History of the Circle along with Cecilio Plá or Rafael de Penagos (who also designed cartes for carnival dancing).

Rooftop views © Corbis

3. Do not decay!
Today the rooms of the Circle are still a party. Until a year ago, in his Hall of the Columns each edition of the festival was closed Spring Club in the city and, without going any further, this year in addition to Masquerade the event was also held Get Dirty! with groups like Trajan !, Cut Your Hair, Vivian Girls, Pional and The Horrors Dj Set. And talk about music in the current unnamed CBA Circle border, Has no sense. The seal of the Circle continues to schedule concerts of the emerging music of our country. In this latest edition, the Madrid groups The Chinese Birdwatchers and Inlogic, were the protagonists. For chaotic souls (within an order), there will always be Jazz Circle which has been recreating a Chicago club for the middle of the early twentieth century for six years. The most classic also have an appointment for the soul and the ear in the circle, this time, with a key protagonists: Bach. Concerts for the whole family, conferences ... All about the teacher. Everything in the Circle.

4. Gastronomy: Fishbowl
Don't wait chairs vintage of market or rustic wooden tables in which to share a seat. The classicism of La Pecera is just that, classic. The windows leave nothing to the imagination and the high ceilings are full of frescoes. We are in the noble and historical cultural center of Alcalá and that, you can not forget. The jewel in the crown, no doubt, is the sculpture of the naked woman cast in the stone in the middle of the room. Suddenly we enter a temporary space trip through the first years of the twentieth century surrounded by intellectuals and monocular lords. A Delorean that cannot be missed.

The Fishbowl © Corbis

5. Radio Circle
The CBA also moves through the waves. Radio Círculo is the voice of Alcalá 42 which combines in this frequency (and on this website) the concerns of the Circle-addicts. Programs with personality, very visual, almost plastics, research, always providing the innovation that makes the fish tank of this radio a breeding ground for the culture of Madrid.

6. Living and reviving the Humanist spirit
Workshops for all ages, painting classes knowing you successor to Picasso's brushes, conferences, colloquiums, fashion shows, social events ... The Circle drinks from the frantic activity of Madrid in all its aspects and, above all, from the curiosity of who visits it. The Circle also counts with his own semester magazine, Minerva.
7. Cinema Studio
On the audiovisual level, the Cinema Study of the Circle prepares thematic, author, gender and even marathon cycles. Any occasion is good for a cinephile shot.

In the bowels of the Cine Estudio © Círculo de Bellas Artes

8. PHotoEspañaFor years, the Circle has been an essential part of the International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts, where some exhibitions that are part of the photographic event of the year are shown. In this edition, between the walls of the Circle we will enjoy 'He, she, it: dialogues between Edward Weston and Harry Callahan' and 'Woman, The feminist vanguard of the 70s'.

He, she, it: dialogues between Edward Weston and Harry Callahan © PHotoEspaña

9. The skeleton of the Circle
As small boxes that are juxtaposed, windows in different dimensions and at different levels, Circle architecture is the crown jewel of Antonio Palacios Ramilo. Is a live, organic building. Here each cabin and each floor shows the importance of what is cooked inside on the very facade. Spinal column? The impressive marble staircase The summit? A tower to access from the terrace. “The lighthouse of culture” which guides the capital, as Palacios presented it in its day.

The CBA ladder, its backbone © Corbis

10. The roof of Minerva

Exhibitions, cocktails, fashion, views ... This is having Madrid at your feet. From the rooftop you can see Torrespaña, without forgetting that we are next to the Cibeles, watching Alcalá be born. And as Josep Pla said: “The color and shape of these clouds and the light of Madrid makes a little illuminated postcard: stylized, of a delicate delicacy, something artificial, scenographic, filtered, clean, precise. This light, this sky, these clouds, are the luxury of Madrid, its finest thing. Here the air is pure, mountain air, dry, tonic, of a diamond crystallinity ”. And he had to be the goddess of wisdom, Minerva, the one chosen to watch over these skies, and this Circle of Fine Arts.

Minerva, watchman of the arts and wisdom © Corbis

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