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The New York of Raúl Arévalo and Carmen Ruiz

After more than a month living in the Big Apple during the filming of 'The Unexpected Life', a film directed by Jorge Torregrossa and written by Elvira Lindo, the actors Carmen Ruiz and Raúl Arévalo They tell us their favorite places in the city.

"The first day of filming, Javier Cámara and I did not shoot but we went to see Raúl Arévalo and Sarah Sokolovic and I fell tears," says the actress of the series With my ass in the airCarmen Ruiz “It looked like a Woody Allen movie, it was very beautiful and exciting. Filming here has been like living in a Woody Allen movie. ”

It's what New York has, that "Approaches where you focus the camera" you are likely to recognize some corner. “New York oozes New York,” says Raúl Arévalo. “You are rolling in a corner, in any street, and you know that you are in this city, people don't even look. Here you feel welcome right away, even if it's not especially warm, but because all those cinematographic references that we have, help you not to feel strange ”.

Woody's filmography, Scorsese's, dozens of series ... The list of these references is endless and for any actor or director to shoot in Manhattan and give his own interpretation of the city is a great dream. And, precisely of dreams, although not fulfilled, speaks Unexpected life, the film that Elvira Lindo wrote for Javier Cámara, who plays an actor who 12 years after moving to New York in search of that dream, has not yet achieved. A story that brought them both, director Jorge Torregrossa (who returned to the city where he lived 10 years) and Carmen Ruiz and Raúl Arévalo to live the city for more than a month. Enough time so that, despite the 12-hour days, they have been able to travel and enjoy their streets and discover new places they did not know about their previous visits.

We take a moment of filming for Carmen Ruiz and Raúl Arévalo to discover some of their favorite places in this "Addictive city".

The actors have lived in the Big Apple for a month © D.R


The two choose sites for which they have been filming Unexpected Life, like Times Square. "It's touristy, ornate and typical, but the first time I arrived and saw all those lights I said: 'Yes, I'm in New York!"says Raúl Arévalo. A roof of the Lower East Side, recalls Carmen Ruiz. Or, also, the High line, "A beautiful and special place," says the actress, where an important scene takes place.

The two recommend the East Village, "our New York neighborhood", where they have lived this time and from where they have come to know the city from which they stay with: “The Brooklyn Bridge, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade or the Empire State, a viewpoint to the world,” says Carmen. “Central Park, another classic, but It’s so pretty… and such a movie to walk around. ”, says Arévalo, who advises approaching Harlem on Sunday to hear a gospel mass. "In the Greater Refuge Temple I lived an hour that was a past."


gem. “For the wonderful breakfasts we enjoy so many days,” says Raúl Arévalo. The Bowery Hotel's restaurant has been their meeting place during this time they lived in the East Village. “We meet Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling!” Says Carmen Ruiz Still excited by the experience. But, in addition, it coincides, he chooses it for “breakfasts that unite”. And, yes, indeed, for more than reasonable prices you can have breakfast, lunch, brunch or dinner and, with good luck, do it among celebrities.

Smalls, in West Village, Carmen Ruiz's recommendation: “With New York solera”. It is one of the most mythical and essential jazz clubs in the city.

Hogs & Heifers Saloon, “In the middle of the cool neighborhood of Meatpacking District (one of my favorites) is this Coyote Bar type place,” says Carmen Ruiz. A real club, cheap beer, bras on the walls and, yes, ladies who come up to dance at the bar.

Andanada 141, "Generosity of La Rioja in New York," say the two actors, who were able to go to this Upper West Side restaurant set up by the young Álvaro Reinoso and taste their menu of modern and quality Spanish food by chef Manuel Berganza (former boss Gastro kitchen, by Sergi Arola).

Rice to Riches, rice with milk of all flavors. Skinny and skinny, refrain. "The raspberry is delicious," recalls Carmen Ruiz.


Carmen Ruiz has two weaknesses: Uniqlo, “El del Soho: cheap & useful (cheap and useful) and Warby parker, designer eyeglass frames, the affordable version of the mythical Moscot. Raúl Arévalo has a principal: the chain Urban outfitters.

Carmen Ruiz, plan and contraplano © D.R

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