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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: Cannes and Galicia between cinema and lyrics

The Galegas Day gives us the excuse to get lost on the winding roads of the Galician coast to Fisterra. From there to Cannes, getting fully into the world of author cinema and with mandatory passage through Madrid, where the PHotoEspaña exhibitions are beginning to emerge. Who doesn't get up is because he doesn't want to.

1. In bed: Danza da da morte ditosa, Roberto Vidal Bolaño. Today is celebrated on Day of Galician Letters, dedicated to this playwright and actor who helped professionalize this art claiming the Galician culture and tradition. We stay with his work Baidadela da morte ditosa (Blissful Death's Dance), a work about different encounters with the death of characters that come to her through heartbreak, pain ...

2. On the bar: the Paris-Dakar route of Santiago de Compostela. What better way to celebrate a day like this in the Galician Community than a particular red wine in homemade red wine. Although the route is no longer as it was at the beginning, it is well worth taking refuge from the rain of Compostela in bars of a lifetime and under the arcades of Casco Vello, with a 'cunca vineyard' in the hand.

Paris-Dakar, outra cunca of vineyard! © Corbis

3. Between frames: PhotoEspaña 2013. The photographic event of the year has come with a very organic theme: the body. The capital, the venue of the Festival, will be a snapshot in itself, full of exhibitions and talks about visual arts. But also Cuenca, Zaragoza or Prague, even. For now, we can enjoy 'Tableau Vivant' of Azucena Vieites at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid or 'In search of the man riding on a white donkey' from Yaakov Israel Czech Center in Prague.

Violet Bubelyté. Nude 57, 1993 © Violeta Bubelyté Courtesy Lithuanian Photographers Association

4. In the club: Gotha, Cannes. In the middle of the Cannes festival, you have to have a good party after the screenings. Here you usually see celebrities in summer like Paris Hilton. This weekend we stay with his champagne "that doesn't run but flies".

Gotha on fire in Cannes © Gotha Club

5. On the table: La Pepita (Calle Porto 15, Vigo). Few things make us as happy as a Friday hamburger, that day where happiness makes us leave the bikini operation for well deserved fat. We opted for a Alpine Nugget, with cream of cheese do Cebreiro with red fruits. Mouth water. The best hangover remedy after one of those nights that never ends in the Olivic City.

The best hamburgers in Vigo © La Pepita

6. On the road: Fisterra. The end of the world (Galician, at least) today wakes up rainy, almost winter and, as always, beautiful to rage.

7. In the stadium: Real Madrid - Atlético de Madrid. Final of the Copa del Rey in Santiago Bernabéu at 9:30 p.m.

8. In the cinema (inside and outside the home): Cannes Film Festival, how not. Today they are projected Last by Asghar Farhadi (a film about a divorce and how not to close matters of the past, sometimes, does not allow progress) Tian Zhu Ding by Jia Zhangke (four contemporary portraits that describe a China in search of freedom and democracy).

The Past © Cannes Film Festival

Tian Zhu Ding © Cannes Film Festival

9. On the walkman: What's good about that Rodriguez Have you canceled at Primavera Sound? What can we see Melody's Echo Chamber No regrets. Dream pop in vein. To dream in a cosmic world. Not bad change (and also, You can see Sixto on July 8 in Barcelona if you have the festival ticket or tickets for Saturday, May 25).

Melody's Echo Chamber © Primavera Sound

10. A neighborhood: We are going to the city where the honoree was born today in the Galician Letters, Roberto Vidal Bolaño: Santiago de Compostela. We would visit Las Dos Marías, walking through the Helmet Vello stopping to rest having a drink in the Café Casino, taking a lid of octopus á feira and accompanying it with a good house wine and, of course, walking around the Cathedral. A route of gastronomic and cultural pleasure that, we dare to say, is lived in a more authentic way with a little rain. And what about the compostelanas nights… That each one looks for his way, that there are many and each one more appealing.

11. In the conversation: Bicycles in Madrid. Bike lanes are not yet arteries of the city, and should. For now, we enjoy the FestiBal with B de Bici in Matadero tomorrow, Saturday, May 18, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
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FestiBal, with bicycle B © Matadero Madrid

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