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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: Primavera Sound special

There is an annual event that marks the beginning of festive riot. It takes place in Barcelona and continues to Porto. The Primavera Sound It is, right now, at the height. This weekend, we make the plans in Barcelona because the canallismo there is assured.

1. In bed: Nick Cave Intimate confessions of a holy sinner. Mat Snow The leader of the Bad Seeds and Grinderman opens the channel in this memoir where the dark pasts in drug slums and bad life drew the lyrics that flood the best concerts today. A raw look at the life of one of the poets of our time. On Saturday he will play in the Primavera Sound with The Bad Seeds at 11:30 p.m. on the Heineken stage.
2. At the bar: Heliogàbal (Calle Ramón y Cajal 80, Barcelona). Bar and cultural association where to enjoy the most underground concerts in Barcelona, where to take one with the best company and best soundtrack, of course, live.
3. Between frames:
This is Not a Love Song (La Virreina Center, Barcelona). With the name of hit from Public Image Limited, this exhibition is presented in the framework of Primavera Sound. Music and audiovisual go hand in hand. Some music videos are created as pieces of art that complete the musical base and this is how this exhibition was born, which tries to analyze the moments when music and video feed back, when the creators are filled with the pop and rock baggage of the trend Musical of the moment and musicians are inspired by art: Andy Warhol, Damien Hirts, Dan Graham, Brian Eno, David Byrne or David Bowie... United in music.

Babel Series (This is Not a Love Song) © Candice Breitz

4. In the club: we stay with him closing of Primavera Sound by DJ Coco on stage Ray Ban. There we will be waiting for his already mythical puncture of Journey's' Don't Stop Believin. But if you don't go to the festival, take note of the Free concerts that the musical capital of this weekend has you prepared in Spring Al Parc, with Autumn Comets, The Babies ... acting on May 25 and 26 at the Parc de la Ciutadella. Do not forget the offer of Spring Als Clubs with the closing clubbera of the festival on Sunday in the Apollo and in BARTS with Deerhunter or Mr. Chinarro among others.

Parc de la Ciutadella during Primavera Al Parc © Primavera Sound / Dani Cantó

5. On the table: You have to accumulate energy. If you want a caloric and energy pump with all the flavor, Big j's in the place. An American diner where to refuel before the festival. If this is not enough, take a tour of our Barcelona Gastro Hipster and take note of where to have breakfast, eat, snack, brunch and drink coffee before entering the Forum.

Burgers as a source of energy © Big J'S

6. On the road: Sitges. That if it gives you madness, it gives you and we understand it. Since we are in Barcelona partying, his thing is to finish it off with a good gastro-partying trip to Sitges, where the party never stops. A good nap on the beach of La Fragata and a good cocktail to celebrate such a festive holiday in El Chiringuito and to live, that there is a week left until Optimus Primavera Sound of Porto.
7. In the stadium:
Espanyol - F.C. Barcelona, ​​Sunday, May 26 at 8:00 p.m.

Sitges, the perfect spring break © Corbis

8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): any of Jim Jarmusch that together with Jozer Van Wissem, they will play their guitar and lute compositions at the Festival. Sound and film poetry, as in Mystery Train, tribute to Elvis and Memphis.

Mystery Train, Jim Jarmusch © D.R.

9. On the walkman: our list of Primavera Sound, of course.

10. A neighborhood: El Besòs i el Maresme, the neighborhood that crowns the Parc del Fòrum. Take the boardwalk by bike with Bicing and arrive as new to the festival.
11. In the conversation: If he has given you the last minute vein and you are packing like crazy to enjoy some day of Primavera Sound, take note of the application of Byhours to get you a comfortable hotel room for hours. The best crazy things are solved that simple. And if in addition to the festival you have thought Live Barcelona to the fullest, take note of the realistic guide to take advantage of Barcelona.
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Video: Price Tag. La del Chandal y sus Colegas. Combos Pop Rock. Concerts de Primavera. EMMCA. 2016 (April 2020).

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