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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Michelle Jenner in the palaces of Madrid: a real 'making of'

Our scenario: a city full of magnificent palaces for which kings and queens have paraded throughout history, leaving a mark that today invites us to discover all its ins and outs. Michelle Jenner, protagonist of the television series Isabel, tours them for Condé Nast Traveler. This is the 'making of' of a day between hallways and palatial gardens.

From the Paseo del Prado, El Retiro, Princesa Street, Alcalá, Cibeles and, finally, the Naval Museum of Madrid, where we took the cover photo on the mysterious Carrara marble staircase, Michelle walks surrounded by a monumental architecture of arches and columns, illuminated by large leaded windows and bronze lanterns that simulate the ship's fans. A great, surprising, secret atmosphere ... We are convinced that some of these are the stairs that take you from Madrid to heaven.

- The most beautiful palaces in Madrid with Michelle Jenner (Photo Gallery)

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