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Editor'S Choice - 2020

When Lorenzo doesn't spoil you

Suffering from the sun, the end of spending fifteen days in the Caribbean and returning hazelnut color is over. Follow these tips and sign up for the fashion of using sun creams that potentiate the creation of melanin, churn yourself fruit juices in vein and distract yourself with various activities that can range from embobarte with the body of the gogós to compete in the Santander league of the 'sport 'of the shovels. In September nobody will dare to question whether or not you have been on vacation.

Haven't you gone on vacation this year? This is the usual question I encounter when I join work in September. But didn't you just come back from Lanzarote? It is the way they receive me when I return to make a fashion production for the four-day magazine on this Canary Island.

Yes like me, You are white skinned, but not to burn yourself, Surely you know what I'm talking about. It does not matter that Trips to the Panamanian Caribbean and spend six hours in the beach of the stars no more shelter than the palm trees that sow their shore or in Galapagos, where the sun's rays have a perpendicular and direct impact, go kayaking for two hours without a wetsuit and in a bikini and don't have the marks. If Lorenzo doesn't love you, he doesn't love you. So, instead of burning you (not literally, as I just explained) with this situation, it is best to take additional measures, because not everything is going to be to the 'retainer' for hours and hours feeling that you waste your time:

-First, look allies in beauty products, that thanks to the research carried out by their laboratories they manage to add sun creams unthinkable qualities in the past. It is the case of Nivea Sun Protects and Bronzes products, a complete solar line whose formulation helps the melanin production of the skin itself, So the tan will be uniform and ultrafast.

In the Comporta Café do not miss the juices or the fruit sangria. © D.R.

-Eat foods rich in vitamins A, C and E, such as fruits and vegetables. And if you are a bit lazy when it comes to dealing with skins and nuggets, it is best to go to a beach bar specialized in natural juices and choose the most colorful and complete, surely the formula does not fail. In the Comporta Café, on the Alentejo beach of Comporta, you can dress the alchemy and turn it into a Rich fruit sangria.

- By last, look for distractions with which you can entertain yourself while you sunbathe. They serve the spectacular gogós from Superparadise beach, of Mykonos, or the paddle 'sport' in the purest Santander style.

In September we talk about the subject again, because with this shock treatment to see who dares to question my tan again. Lorenzo trembles, trembles!

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