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Editor'S Choice - 2020

10 unexpected hotel details

"The good god is in the details," Flaubert wrote and recovered Mies van der Rohe. Thinking about micro means having done it in macro. Luxury means that someone thinks for you.

These are some superfluous and unexpected details that some hotels offer. Although, if we remember them, they were not so superfluous.

1. On my last trip to Tokyo the suitcase was delayed. Upon entering my hotel room I found a large black box on the bed. I knew then, overwhelmed by emotion, that the Tokyo Mandarin Oriental has a survival kit for these cases. The box contained a toilet bag, a more than correct white t-shirt, some socks and even underwear (quite drinkable, by the way).

2. The hotels of Soho House They give small cloth bags in which it says: Condoms. They keep a couple of condoms. Babington house, belonging to the same label, offers Hunter water boots so that customers venture to explore the surroundings and do not use the rain as an alibi.

3. At night, in the Lewa Safari Camp (Kenya) if it cools absolutely nothing happens. A compassionate soul has slipped at the exact time and anticipating when we are going to lay a hot water bottle inside the bed. An effective natural heating system.

4. La Mamounia (Marrakech) It offers all its customers a pair of Havaianas to go down to the pool. Or for what everyone wants: tour the gardens or go buy porcelain bowls at the souk.

La Mamounia offers all its customers a pair of Havaianas to go down to the pool © La Mamounia

5. On another occasion I found that the room letter paper had my name engraved. It was in the Royal Mansour, also from Marrakech. He said, with golden calligraphy, as appropriate: Ana Isabel Vázquez Casco. Almost cry.

6. In the bathrooms of The Dolder Grand (Zurich), there is a very nice bathtub. Nothing extraordinary. But next to that bath there is a book and a candle. Oh, exciting

The Dolder Grand bathtub © Heinz Unger / The Dolder Grand

7. When booking a suite at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel, we will have access to the Fred Segal Lending Library. This means that we can borrow and use up to 50 products that come from the legendary Fred Segal department store. Among them there are sunglasses, belts or bags. Strange idea but, at least, surprising.

8. In the Singapore Mandarin, when entering the shower, one realizes that the bottles of the toiletries are already open. Someone unscrews them so that the client, with wet hands, does not have to fight with them. Startling.

9. The rooms of the Rough Luxe (London) have books. All quite desirable. If we start reading one and we like it we can take it. And not clandestinely.

10. If we sleep in the Gramercy Park HotelIf we are lucky, they will give us some keys. They are from Gramercy Park, a private park that only neighbors access. In the square where it is, one of the most charming in New York, lived, for example Humphrey Bogart. How not to sit on a bench and imagine that Bogie did the same at some point?

The eclectic decoration of the Rough Luxe © Rough Luxe

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