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Anchor Bar: the history of the mythical Buffalo Wings

The city of Buffalo is an almost obligatory stop when you visit the Niagara Falls on the American side. If you go, a stop is required in the sweet abode in which the Buffalo Wings were created for the first time or, as we know them here, the famous and crispy chicken wings with spicy sauce. This dish, which has become a star of American fast food, emerged here, one night that Teressa Bellissimo fried them and added a special sauce in The mythical Anchor Bar from Buffalo in 1964. Fruit of chance (or rather of necessity), this is the story of one of the delicious'guilty pleasures'Americans who drive us crazier, the history of the Buffalo Wings.

The Anchor Bar It looks like a biker bar on Route 66, with a plethora of cachivaches hanging on the walls and ceiling: fun real-life figures of characters, sculptures of angels, car license plates and various signs cover the entire premises. And, of course, their flags and their 'God Bless America' are not lacking in every corner. Without realizing it, we had entered the Mecca of chicken wings.

It happened an autumn night in the downtown of Buffalo, right in this restaurant, opened since 1935. Dom Bellissímo, son of the owners of the Teressa and Frank premises, remembers that it was a Friday at midnight when a large group of friends arrived tremendously hungry at this tavern, located on Main Street. The restaurant was very crowded and the boys had to wait. After half an hour, they could no longer. It was then that Teressa went to work to design a dish that deceived her hunger. He looked at the chicken wings he was going to use to make soup and thought they were too pretty to waste (at that time they were only used to taste the soup and then thrown away)

Teressa improvised this kind of piscolabis to please the boys: he fried them and He added a hot sauce called Frank's RedHot with a little butter to serve to his diners. Right next to it, to dipear he added a bowl with blue cheese and some crudités. When Dom looked at the plate, he was perplexed, but it was too late and his friends were too hungry. The boys were stunned, they loved it. Soon, that dish created out of nowhere became the star of Anchor Bar.

At first they were served for free, but such a hit was such that they became famous in the rest of the city. Little by little they began to open establishments with the tasty wings of Teressa all over Buffalo. That snack was so successful that in 1977 the city dedicated one day, the Chicken Wing Day, which is celebrated on July 29.

Almost half a century later, the Buffalo Wings have become the specialty of the place. His son Dom is now in charge of the restaurant while Teressa and Frank live above the restaurant of that great culinary must of New York State. For many, one of the top in terms of fast-food. You can choose from a great variety: single (10 for 10 euros), the double (20 for 15 euros) and the bucket (50 for 32 euros) with five different sauces: mild, medium, hot, bar-b-que and the suicidal (You have to be especially careful with the suicidal, they don't have that name for nothing). These sauces are sold throughout the United States and in some Canadian stores.

Also tasty are their tasty sandwiches, their spagehetti with meatballs, the tasty cannoli and their great variety of beers made in USA. We recommend Rolling Rock, which teleports you to the famous film The hunter (Michael Cimino, 1978) with Robert De Niro and Christopher Walken. We are sure that they would have also wanted to accompany their beers with the juicy Buffalo Wings on the set. You will not be disappointed by its biker environment or its extravagant decoration or (much less) its wings.

Anchor Bar, the Mecca of the wings © Claudia Gene

Video: Why are Buffalo Wings Called That? (April 2020).

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