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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Overnight with class in Moscow

Those who frequent it say that the Moscow night is one of the craziest, funniest and most exciting on the globe, and Moscow is a city of strong contrasts. We had dinner and had the first drink with a broad connoisseur and supporter of the Moscow universe, Felipe Gómez, Sales Manager for Europe of the sophisticated and genuine Como Hotels & Resorts, which lives between London and Moscow.

Although it may seem a lie, spring has also arrived in the Russian capital and the terrace season starts - with a much more refined concept than the Spanish terrace.

Felipe Gomez, our guide on this Russian journey, confesses that the encounter with this last mega-city, where the bulk of the empire of luxury in Europe is reconcentrated, he has won his heart forever: “The first time I landed at the Moscow airport I was in shock. The Russians are quite inexpressive but the surprising thing is that when you connect with them they are very open. Now, every time I go to dinner, I have dinner at my clients' house and go out with them until the wee hours of the morning ”, although Apostille“ is a unique city to go to clubs, I already prefer a quieter plan ”.

When passing through Madrid, we take the opportunity to give us your coordinates to spend the night in the most exclusive Moscow:


The O2 Lounge, The terrace of The Ritz-Carlton, in one of the most impressive streets of Moscow - starts at the Red Square - offers views over it and the Kremlin. It has one of the best sushi and sashimi bars in Moscow and opens daily until night. Do you dare to have a first cocktail here?

On the 31st floor of the historic Ukraina Hotel (currently, the Radisson Blu Hotel) is another of its terraces with favorite views, Mercedes Bar, very chic and a bath of Muscovite DNA. “The building is a jewel and represents an important part of the history of Moscow. It was an official building during perestroika. ” So a second cocktail without losing sight of the city.

O2 Lounge © Ritz-Carlton

Mercedes Bar, pure Muscovite DNA © Radisson Blu

About 3 kilometers from the Kremlin, in the heart of the city's business district, nested on the top floor of the Swissotel Krasnye Holmy, the terrace of City Space Bar With 360º views over the Moscow skyline is another favorite of Felipe Gomez, who recommends us not to leave without trying the sushi.

City Space Bar: not without my sushi © Swissotel Krasnye Holmy


Not far from Kremlin and of Tverskaya, at street level, the restaurant Moloko It is another of his recommendations. Perfect for dinner. This old grocery store retained the same name it had during the time of the tsars and its interior maintains the typical Moscow style, where the cream and chocolate colors star the atmosphere: elegant leather sofas, wood paneling ... In addition, it also has An excellent menu of cocktails and delicious dishes like noodle soup with pesto sauce.

But if you want to try the best sushi in the city and dine in a unique and intimate atmosphere, the Nobu It's perfect and it's a classic. It is located on the top floor of the Crocus building, with a really evocative and warm design.

Moloko, classicism and cocktails © Moloko

The best sushi, without a doubt © Nobu

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