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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The best urban beaches in Spain

"Under the beach", a more evocative phrase than a verse by HolderlinIt is a daily thing and a matter of a little walk for those who live in coastal cities. Urban beaches, like everything else in the universe, tend to chaos, the difference is that they reach it more often. Street vendors, people practicing all kinds of paradeports that will never be Olympic, smelly tupperss, neighbors who really did not want to leave home and installed the room in the sand, TV included, ladies playing cards, children doing hard skin demonstrations on their own noses ... A count of how far humanity has been sophisticated You don't finish it.

But it is not strange that they have their fans. The beach must be the only place where there is that almost mystical state in which the waves are heard above the Sunday roar and where a square meter of sand automatically becomes a private Eden. It's magic: you put your feet in the water, then a little in the sand, batter with the help of the cream and you're not just there anymore; the sun, the waves, the contact with nature become the only thing that exists. It is a matter of being allowed to cradle. That which, This article is nothing more than a personal selection of the Spanish urban beaches that the best nanas have sung to me.


My favorite beach in the universe is a rather wide strip in front of the most popular neighborhood of Cádiz, La Viña. Flanked by two fortresses, crossed by an old, refreshingly white and art deco spa and sheltered by dozens of fishing boats that seem daring. As you can guess, all this lucky landscape gathering gives rise to some sunsets from flock. Contrary to what happens with any cultural event, the best of La Caleta are its fans: the ladies playing an eternal bingo game, the lovers who still have no age or car to go to the beaches of Cortadura, those of the nap under the umbrella, those of the tuppers zafarrancho, the canis and the flamingo ... It makes you want to kiss them one by one. And, above all, to become a caletero at first. Here is the celebration of the burial of the mackerel at the end of August. And here it was also filmed Die another day, where James Bond did not die that day, but he confused Cádiz with Havana, as in the couplets.

La Caleta beach: a lucky landscape gathering © Corbis


My most vivid memory of the beach of La Concha, that of the aristocracy, which is a little more than a religion for the Donostiarras, is that of a pamplonica with all the San Fermín airplanes sitting facing the sea at dawn. It could be a more or less normal picture, the typical thing that every good man has done at the end of a complicated night that does not want it to end: "Why not go to the beach now?", But is that This waiter was alone. Since then I can't help thinking of La Concha as a refuge for fugitives. Of course it has all that daytime social Macedonia of urban beaches, but even so, the Cantabrian elegance of the rocky moles that close it (it is a bay, not just a beach) facilitates evasion and an illusion of privacy greater than in any other city beach. You feel vaguely lucky to be there every time. Then, at night, the streetlights illuminate it with Parisian elegance, like from a Seine coming to more and the Bataplán nightclub allows you to fight the unbeatable collection of San Sebastian's pumpkin trees counting waves from the dance floor. And, of course, another thing that has this beach are the surroundings, that is, Donosti. But that, I will not even try, better read Gontzal Largo.

La Concha Beach © Corbis


600 meters of beach rather familiar in which the protagonist is a promenade with a balustrade to look out and look at. Sometimes what you see are surfers, sometimes concerts and, on clear days, the Tower of Hercules. It is the same as Orzan, its twin beach, separated only by a breakwater when there is high tide. It is a beach of those that looks straight ahead, that continuously participates in the life of the city. For example in San Juan, when 100,000 Coruña consume hundreds of fires and thousands of sardines in one night. As an extra, it has a tram and the Playa Club, a clubhouse with concerts where you can finish the nights dancing to shake the sand.


A surprise beach in which the tides decide how many we will fit each time and if we can play football or not freestyle beach. It has Cimadevilla in sight, the fishing district where some of the most insanely cozy bars in Spain are. That's good, for the view, but bad because the temptations of picking up the towel quickly cloud over you. Above is the Paseo del Muro de San Lorenzo, which, without wind, is the place to meet all of Gijón and see it from a perspective, the sea of ​​flattering.

Gijón: here the waves decide © Corbis


It is the place where you can taste history and feel what royalty when wet the pinreles in the same place as you, but in the nineteenth century. If you look for a long time at the Magdalena Palace, you can move to the past. If you look for a long time in the Sports Palace, you move to a future in which a UFO has landed. It is a very santaderina beach, that is full of people from Bilbao. And so familiar and quiet that it is homely. It conserves nests of machine gun of the Civil War, because in Santander they are not to throw anything.


La Barceloneta is the definitive beach, a universe itself. The largest and busiest in Barcelona, ​​which is a lot to say, it is filled with modern, families, rumberos, paellas, skaters, opposing music fights... It comes from being the beach of a fishermen's neighborhood projected in the 18th century and it shows in the genes. In what he has as young and new despite his 200 years and how much he has left of popular and seafaring. From its San Sebastián Tower you can take the cable car to Miramar Mirador, in Montjuic and see the whole city, all in one day.

La Barceloneta: popular and seafood solera © Corbis


There is no more to look at this beach from the coast to find what is extraterrestrial that skyline hongkoniano erected on the ghost of what was a small fishing village. Benidorm is much more than it seems, crazy nights, yes, but also a motley humanity that finds, most likely, anything you look for, because the skyscraper town has everything. The beaches are two, Levante and Poniente. Since you go to Benidorm, your thing is to bet on the less quiet, that of Levante, with its genetically mogollón party animal. Benidorm it is the excess for the excess and that spirit is concentrated here, among more than 5,000 hammocks on which rests a clientele that oscillates between the hangover, the rice and that if we start already with the glasses.

Benidorm, the Hong Kong of Levante © Corbis


Yes, it is a river beach. The charm here is that it is a brief reserve of the bravery Valladolid where there are those who sunbathe, who does topless and even who bathes in the dubious waters of Pisuerga. It is all the artificial that can be an urban beach in which the strangest thing is that it exists. You can rent canoes here or watch the canoeists go by. At your back you have lush, well-kept little parks, such as La Rosaleda, which used to end a city that is not very supportive of its river until the creation of this heroic beach.

The loneliness of the swimmer in the background © Rafa Galán

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