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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Marrakech, tea with peppermint?

The Koutoubia Mosque, the labyrinthine place in Marrakech invites the achuchón tantomedina, the well-known souk with as many cachivaches as stories around it, the nights in the crowded Jamaa El Fna Square and the Bahia Palace, where the view is not capable of perceive all its subtle details ...

Everything is stimulating and inspiring in Marrakech, one of the four imperial Moroccan cities, always wrapped in a halo of distant exoticism. However ... it is very close. And it is perfect for a weekend city break. Better as a couple.
As in an oasis, this is how you will feel on the terrace of the restaurant Le foundouk, contemplating the roofs and minarets of the medina. The views are the icing on the cake, but the arrival at the restaurant itself is an adventure in itself. Since vehicle access to the medina is prohibited, a waiter picks up diners at a point where you can park and, lamps in hand, accompanies them between the alleys until the entrance to the restaurant. In his letter: Moroccan delicacies with French aroma.

The restaurant with Moroccan delicacies with a French aroma © Le Foundouk

If the claim is simply to walk hand in hand and get cuddly, no other like the botanical gardens of Majorelle, with plants and flowers from the five continents. There the French painter Jacques Majorelle He had his workshop built in the 20s and since 1980 is owned by Yves Saint-Laurent. In what was his workshop, a surprising and modern construction, is currently the Museum of Islamic Art.

Botanical (and exotic) gardens of Majorelle © Corbis

Have the plan you have in the city, keep a hole every day to be taken care of in a hammam. In Les bains of Marrakech They have double massage cabins and couples treatments.

Extreme romanticism = Moroccan hammam © Les bains de Marrakec


Mamounia (HD: from € 600, without breakfast) is not just one of the best hotels in the world. As well It is a destination in itself, because one could stay in it all day without missing anything else. Only concentrating on seeing, hearing and feeling what surrounds him: works of art, embossed wooden gates, delicate aromas of flowers, wood and incense, the noise of water from its sources, so important in this culture, the touch of its silky sheets, the taste of their tajines ... More than a hotel, La Mamounia is one of those places that appear on the list of things to do at least once in the life of any sophisticated traveler.
For an unforgettable stay, book one of its rooms with city views (better if it is a suite). The other option is to hire the day pass to enjoy the hotel for a whole day, even if you are not staying. Includes a buffet lunch by the pool. And just for strolling through the hotel gardens, among olive and palm trees, orange and bougainvillea, is it worth it.
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The city at your feet © La Mamounia

The hotel that is an experience in itself © La Mamounia

Video: How to Make Mint Tea in Marrakech! (April 2020).

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