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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Madrid maps for Madrid (and not so cats)

We lose perspective. That's how it is. When a city invades you, it absorbs you and does not let you escape, you lose perspective. You walk the streets without taking your eyes off the ground, focusing on your thoughts without paying much attention to your surroundings, "all roads lead to Rome." But alas, Madrid! Who was going to tell you that ... The map is back! For both travelers and locals; for both traditional cats and adoption cats.

Take your eyes off the ground, clean the magnifying glass and reduce the scale, which we map Madrid in two ways: the practicality of a guide map and the aesthetics of an art map. You choose cats.

"We make maps for Madrid people and this is the best way to reach the tourist," he says. Álvaro Corsini, creator of WAU maps. A map that is a guide and a guide that is a map. WAU Maps reveals, apple by apple, all the secrets that are behind the facades of the capital. The essence of the streets is summarized in small rectangles. A cartographic chivatoscope that works with a color code.
But what does a perfect map have to have? “It must be as practical as possible and for that, it must be well designed. We get it because you don't have to turn our maps around to find what you need: at a glance you see all the premises”, Álvaro finishes. So far, they have covered the four major areas: Salamanca / Retiro, Chueca / Malasaña / Conde Duque, Latina / Lavapiés y Centro.

La Latina with WAU effect © Elena Olay

The colors will guide you to what you need, be it a shop, a hotel or a pharmacy. This thorough work is complemented by stars, the personal recommendations of the creators of WAU Maps, no advertising poisoning, which is always appreciated: “We wanted to make a map cool, with good recommendations and I wanted to keep it”(For this, they use the best quality paper to avoid obsolescence).
But beyond the stars of the map, Álvaro gives us his recommendations, after having kicked all of Madrid and translate it into the map by themes: “Without a doubt, for leisure I am left with Court; a restaurant, Between sigh and sigh, the best Mexican in Madrid; the bookstore Callao Central, an entire building full of books, gadgets and a spectacular bar; as a fashion store, Papaya, the best multibrand woman in Madrid in Juan Bravo Serrano corner ”.

Madrid Center to the 'WAU' © WAU Maps


"Conventional tourism maps are poorly designed, full of advertising, are not representative of the reality of Madrid and always end up in the bin or made a beer ... They do not represent us!" And with this war cry of Pablo Baque de Puig, one of its founders, the maps of Walk with me.

What is more different from a tourist map than a map of a lifetime? Walk with me follow this philosophy, that of the cartographic essence, the return to the traditional layout of the streets, to the aseptic map, little contaminated of references and with a design with all the charm of another era. “The maps we make they are drawn by hand by emerging artists, neighbors or good connoisseurs of the neighborhood in question. We try to capture the genuine character of each zone in the design of its plan ”, Pablo corroborates,“ a map has to correspond to the reality to which it refers but to be perfect it has to be aesthetic”.

That is why Walk With Me Think Of Wall Maps, to recreate on the streets we walk every day and give them another meaning, an artistic and more aesthetic one. But the information is not missing and to complete the tours, they also make small guides “They are designed with the hope of returning with the tourist home, as a memory of a good trip,” Pablo concludes.

The neighborhood of Letters according to Walk With Me © Walk With Me

Your blog is full of good trips and maps, a review of the most artistic and curious cartographic world. "Cartography is a bottomless research pit. Some of the maps that usually guide us in this search are specialized tumblrs such as Time For Maps and Fuckyeahcartography. ” And of course, he advises us to take a look at the book A map of the World, a vice for lovers of the small-scale world, in which we have already dropped.

With three maps for sale (Malasaña -also with pocket guide-, the neighborhood of Las Letras and Chueca), Pablo admits that this 'mapero' team opts for Malasaña “there is a positive energy going through its streets that is evident”. For those who are not a neighbor of Madrid “you have to travel the axis of Atocha to Neptune: The Prado Museum is our great jewel and entering the Botanical Garden can make this trip an unforgettable experience ”. He gives us a pearl: “take some rods and some tapas like those of Tiger or the Breath and in his heat try to fix the world with friends. ” And, who knows if, put another pushpin on the map of the best moments in Madrid.
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Pocket Guide: the Malaysian guide © Walk With Me

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