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Greek whims in Madrid

Greece always makes us dream, for its literary classics, for its art, for its history, for its cuisine and for its landscape, a compendium of the Mediterranean. In Greece we always want to travel, return to the origins of the ideal of a civilized, democratic and culture-centered Europe. Now we can do it from Madrid, in several establishments that take to the center of the plateau the most Hellenic Mediterranean essence.

From Greece comes the best known travel book, The Odyssey, a journey full of adventures in which the cunning Ulysses fights against the elements and monsters that represent life itself and the essence of Greece. Homer's poem, full of avatars, makes us think "... let the past be the past." In Madrid We can tour a series of establishments that with their interior design, their natural products, their cosmetics and their fashion, they take us to the most current Greece, to that country with which it is not difficult to feel twinned.
Jronia K Jronia It is a new place but already of reference that offers gastronomic products. The white of the general atmosphere, combined with touches of lighting and turquoise blue elements, highlight the designs of the jars, cans, boxes, bottles and different wrappers of Jronia's delights.
The most demanding gourmets will be happy to taste their exquisite chocolates
with apricots, white chocolate and liquor mastiha; 100% natural Cyprus honey with almonds; organic biscuits with extra virgin olive oil; bags of potato chips with oregano; Feta cheese spread only with pepper or garlic; salmon or cod with garlic; fig, pear, apple, kiwi, peach or chestnut jams; milk chocolate and mastika of Chios; noodles with pepper, mustard and artichokes; extra virgin olive oil with dried tomatoes and herbs with vinegar with lemon; sweet peppers stuffed with feta cheese or tuna; infusions with Koszani crocusA sea of ​​possibilities.

Hellenic Malasaña © Greek And Shop

The most recent opening is Greek and Shop a take away located in the neighborhood of Malasaña with Mediterranean products, not only Greek but also Italian and Armenian. Exquisite Greek cookies, cheeses, pasta and handmade breads or products such as Petimezi, a delicious white grape syrup. The atmosphere is very relaxed, with high wooden tables and stools to share with other diners.

Interior of the Greek shop in Malasaña © Greek And Shop

If we talk about restaurants, Thassos, which takes its chef's name, offers classic dishes, and the Dionysus group, with a contemporary vision of Greek spaces and dishes, provides a There is a good quality price relation.

The restaurant of the Dionisos de Huertas group © Grupo Dionisos

As for the famous greek cosmetics, we have Korres, which opened one of its first international stores in Madrid, in 2008, on Fuencarral street. In 1996 Giorgo Korres opened its innovative homeopathic pharmacy in Athens, betting on natural cosmetics, without mineral oils, or silicones, or propylene, or ethanolamines. Taking care of yourself in the Mediterranean way is your motto.

Mediterranean and 100% natural cosmetics © Korres

Apivita It also stands out in this field, opened in 2010 in Madrid, but started in the 70s, in Athens. With a pharmaceutical approach to body careThey are inspired by the ideas of Hippocrates de Cos, a doctor from Ancient Greece known for being the founder of medicine as a profession and who used nature to cure diseases and find balance between mind, body and soul.

Cosmetics with pharmaceutical approach © Apivita

Balance between mind, body and soul © Apivita

To find and buy the best contemporary Greek designs, nothing better than surf online. The Web Greece Is For Lovers show products from the most alternative creators. It is curious to discover an extravagant point of view, which does not lack a sense of humor. Among current fashion brands and designers, we must not forget Parthenis, Yiorgos Eleftheriades, Georgina Skalidi's handbags and, of course, Mary Katrantzou, who triumphs worldwide with her digitally inspired graphic prints.
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