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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: Oporto festival and Madrid book

Madrid dresses in paper, smells like a new book (and an old one) and opens a new cultural space. For its part, the great musical event of the year moves to Porto, and we dance to the rhythm of Primavera Sound with Portuguese style. How about a Castizo-Portuguese plan for this weekend?

1. In bed: the Madrid Book Fair is to kick it. We stayed, from our selection of traveling books, with a photography classic: The Americans, from Robert Frank. “You end up not knowing if a jukebox it is sadder than a coffin, ”Kerouac writes about this compendium of photographs of an anti-American-American dream.

'The Americans' © The Factory

2. On the bar: Plane B (Rua Cándido dos Reis 30, Porto). The parties here They are pure Porto (culture in the morning on its upper floor and party at night on the first floor). In addition, it is one of these places that you do not easily forget: it is located in an old textile workshop.

Music, party and culture in a textile workshop in Porto © Plano B

3. Between frames: Factory (Alameda 9, Madrid). The new space of La Fábrica is already in the capital. 400 meters for culture. Just released with the exhibition of the Japanese artist Nobuyoshi Araki, La Fábrica becomes a space for relaxation, dialogue, workshops and art in its gallery. Photography lovers, their specialized bookshop will make The Factory your new benchmark. And as a final point, the space also hosts a gourmet. Come on, as if not to get out of there all weekend.

The cultural reopening par excellence © La Fábrica

400 meters of culture © La Fábrica

4. In the club: Maus Habits (Passos Manuel Street, 178, Port). For something they are defined as 'space of cultural intervention'. Porto more underground for him pre or post festival Optimus Primavera Sound.

Maus Habits, a 'space for cultural intervention' © Maus Habits

5. On the table: Mother's Love (Calle San Joaquín 14, Madrid) What you get in this 'underground tavern' It is precisely that: sweetie. The treatment is fantastic and the food is mother's. Perfect to order several dishes and share, or to enjoy a good curry of meatballs curry.

6. On the road: Porto. The Primavera Sound of Barcelona has closed one more edition (sigh). But for the insatiable, Porto is the second mandatory stop, with the celebration of Optimus Primavera Sound (today: Blur, Shellac, Local Natives, Swans ...). What else do you want? A good one Little Frenchie on the banks of the Duero, a fleeting visit to the other side of the river, Vila Nova de Gaia, to taste the best wine in the region and the endless walks through the city of the chipped walls.

The Underground Tavern where they serve sweetie on the plane © Amor de madre

7. In the stadium: Celtic - Espanyol. Balaidos, Saturday at 9:00 p.m. The Galician team plays their stay in the First Division.

8. In the cinema: Stoker Maybe another Lolita of the 21st century? This is the story of India, who after the death of her father, ends up living with her mother (an unstable Nicole Kidman) and her uncle, a somewhat strange character who ends up obsessing the girl.

'Stoker' © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Blur. Today is your big day in Portugal. The British return to the Portuguese country under the Optimus Primavera Sound to review his career, in a self-tribute that, if it sounds the same as in the PS of Barcelona, will shake the legs of more than one fan.

Blur at the Primavera Sound Barcelona concert © Eric Pamies / Primavera Sound Barcelona

10. A neighborhood: Parque da Cidade, Porto. Today plays an enclosure where music, sea, river ... everything is mixed. How pretty Porto and how handsome it is at the festival.

11. In the conversation: Will there be summer? if not? They say here that temperatures rise. Anyway, there is something that is clear: the terrace does not take away from us ANYONE.

The Optimus Primavera Sound in Porto is held here © Camara Municipal do Porto

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