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Hannibal: "I ate his liver accompanied by beans and a good Chianti"

It was Hannibal Lecter, that of Anthony Hopkins, who said that "I ate his liver accompanied by beans and a good Chianti." And now it is Hannibal Lecter, that of actor Mads Mikkelsen, who puts our long teeth every week on the small screen with their tables to overflow ... Whatever they contain.

January 30, 1991. It was the day it was released (that's right, twenty-two years have passed) The silence of the lambs. The day the horror thriller was born, we discovered that brown beast named Anthony Hopkins and perhaps also the day we grew up in a movie theater for a couple of years. All crammed like chickens.

It was the day that wonderful gentleman with little problems came into our lives called Hannibal Lecter; a fascinating guy we didn't know whether to fear, admire, vote as president of the government or lock in an adamantium cell. Underground. Very low. The day also when we add a (curious) new word to our teenage vocabulary: anthropophagy. And maybe, why not, the day a little foodie He was born in us when we heard that wonderful statement: "I ate his liver accompanied by beans and a good Chianti." And now a confession, the first thing I did when I got home was to look at Espasa Calpe (aha) what the hell was that of Chianti. Many years later, I couldn't help thinking of Dr. Lecter's phrase hurrying a Chianti (without liver) in some Montalbano joint.

It is not known with certainty if Thomas Harris, the mind - and the pen - after all this is a great fan of gastronomy (should, right?) and we do not know because he has not spoken to the press in twenty years. We do know that he began his journalistic career by airing chronicles about murders - aha - in the Associated Press and dr. Lecter has been leaving small traces of his hobby by lying higher in the following sociopathic vademecums (The Red Dragon, Hannibal Y The origin of evil… ).

Eating at Doctor Lecter's table is a ritual © Hannibal / NBC

Grilled scallops, cheese and cheeks.

We also know that fans of (good) cinema and gastronomic cannibalism are in luck because a very particular guy (follow his Twitter) called Bryan Fuller is turning upside down the NBC with that wonderful series called Hannibal. And the first thing Fuller did when he took the reins of the series was not to speak with Thomas Harris or Sir Anthony Hopkins. No. He chose José Andrés (yes, our José Andrés) as a gastronomic advisor to help you in such subtle issues as, "What can we cook from the human body?" Our friend (who is Asturian) did not cut a hair, of course: “Everything, meat is meat”, is more “You could even emulsify the pupils or fry the cheeks, like crispy slices of bacon”. And also.

Foie gras design by José Andrés for an episode of the series © Bryan Fuller

The triangle works because to the wonderful character that is (yes, it turns me on) Hannibal Lecter and Fuller's talent we must add the universe of nuances, silences, tempo, looks and fokin class that has that weird piece of Danish that is Mads Mikkelsen. I can no longer imagine another Hannibal. He is Hannibal.

Skipping © Hannibal / NBC

Sorbet of brains and gastronomic winks.

The Fuller & Andrés couple is plagued with winks coquineros the series (no spoilers, fiance) more and more, they are going to more. There is no turning back in the kitchen of our favorite gourmet man eating. And is that the love of food sneaks from the episode titles:

1. "Apéritif"
2. "Amuse-Bouche"
3. "Potage"
4. "Œuf"
5. "Coquilles"
6. "Enter"
7. "Sorbet"
8. "Fromage"
9. "Trou Normand"
10. "Buffet Froid"

Slicing ham © Hannibal / NBC

Until each of the dishes that are "cooked" (and so far I can read) in the series; José Andrés works as his particular vision of the foie, our essential Iberian acorn-fed ham or a creation of Fuller's own mother, some noodles that really are ... what does it matter.

Do not miss it.

Providing © Hannibal / NBC

Better not to know what those sausages are made of © Hannibal / NBC

Video: Hannibal Feeds Paul His Own Brain. Hannibal 2001 (April 2020).

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