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Hvar, the island that honors Beyoncé's daughter

We continue our Dalmatian journey anchoring in Hvar, the island we were looking for. Here they have been happy from the Roman emperor Diocletian to the diva Beyoncé, who baptized his daughter in honor of this corner of the Adriatic.

Croatia will be part of the European Union on July 1, 2013. He will be the 28th member of the community club. The initial enthusiasm of the entrance has been giving in to the skepticism that produces the membership of a club of doubtful reputation. The economic crisis and the measures to stop it are not very popular in the Balkan country. The arrival of the euro and the abandonment of the kuna - the true entry into the EU - is not expected until a few years, but, for now, July 1 is a good day to gauge the reaction of the Croats. In Hvar, there will be a party. We are in Hvar; Here, in summer, there is always a party.

From Split to Hvar there is an hour by ferry. Some call it the Croatian Capri; others, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Madeira... Hvar is Hvar, the most famous Croatian island on the Dalmatian coast. In summer the yachts of rich and famous dominate their marinas. At least, those who can afford it. Billionaire tycoon Roman Abramovich, owner of London's Chelsea soccer team, can't. The last time he came to Hvar his yacht had such dimensions that it did not fit through the mouth of the port.

Hvar of eleven thousand inhabitants and 68 kilometers long and 11 wide, it hides between the islands of Brac and Korcula. Its capital (also called Hvar; four thousand inhabitants) is located in a rada of colored waters blue ivy where the dock sneaks up to the Plaza Mayor. Limestone houses ascend on terrace by a natural amphitheater to the summit, occupied by Fort Ċ panjola, an old medieval fortress that has fabulous views.

Here they have been happy from Roman emperors like Diocletian to contemporary pop divas like Beyoncé. The American singer spent a few days on vacation during her pregnancy. Shortly afterwards, he posted a video on the internet where he is relaxed next to an island tree, disheveled, barefoot, half-naked, without makeup, with the face of having woken up 15 minutes earlier, and in which he caresses the trunk of the trunk with love. that climbs a kind of light blue ivy, blue ivy. It is the moment in which he decides that his daughter will be called that.


Recently, Mayor Pjerino Bebic granted the title of Citizen of Honor to Blue Ivy, the daughter of Beyoncé and Jay-Z, as a gesture of thanks to the couple for their enthusiasm for the local flora and for the tourist pull that the video meant for Hvar. But in addition to the flora, Beyoncé was enchanted by the Hula-Hula Hvar, a beach club located ten minutes walk from the port of the city. To get there you have to walk the path that follows the coastline to the west between pebble beaches and Mediterranean undergrowth. Wolfgang 'Wolf' Schulze-Boysen is its owner. The son of a German diplomat, he was born in Paris, grew up in New York and lives in Austria in winter.

Although here the hours of sunshine per year count (2,700), the Dalmatian winters in Hvar are sad and lonely. Like the sailor's syndrome on land, after so much sun, party and restless nights, locals have a hard time adapting to winter. Wolf leaves for Graz. "Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Gwyneth Paltrow, Eva Longoria and Ashley Judd have passed through the Hula-Hula, to name a few, but we have a rule: we never close the beach club for celebrities ", Wolf tells us, our cicerone during the stay on the island. Hula-Hula is a beach bar that distributes champagne, seafood and loud music cocktails with dj's until sunset.

If you follow the path to the Kovac point, you arrive at the Falko Bar, just the opposite: a coniferous garden with hammocks rocked by the Mediterranean breeze.


- Where to sleep. On the same road in the city of Hvar, on the seafront, the hotel with spa Adriana.
-Where to eat. In the city of Hvar, the Passarola, elegant restaurant in the historic center with a pleasant terrace on the top floor and a chef with a proven reputation. Also in the neighborhood of Groda, Konoba Menego.

- Beach clubs Hula-Hula Hvar Y Falko Bar.

The sea reaches the same main square of Hvar © Félix Lorenzo

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