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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Barcelona: something sweet, something salty, something tasty

We all know what it is: you are walking down the street and suddenly, at inappropriate hours, type mid-morning or mid-afternoon, hunger hits you like a whiplash. There is no time to sit at a table to have a fork (oh, the rush of modern life) but we want more than a bag potato bought in "a paki".

We offer you three snack proposals capable of satisfying the most intense glues and the most specific cravings, handmade and with an exotic touch; Delights to buy and devour on the street that will always make us come back for more.

SOMETHING SWEET: the lukumas from Lukumas
And what is a lukumas? You say while nailed my pupil your blue pupil; Well, a Greek donut, although it has little to do with the industrial piece that we all have in mind. Petros Paschalidis, the owner clarifies it to us: “it is a product of the day, totally handmade, without preservatives or anything like that. Each one is different because they are ... really. The short ones, the cold ones, the fillings and the baths in covers one by one. I use my parents recipe and I come every day at 5 in the morning to be as fresh as possible. ”

Something sweet: Lukumas, a Greek donut © Lukumas

This Greek tired of working as an art director decided to do what is so much in style today to give a direction to life leaving work in front of a computer screen to return to the basics, to physical and tangible things, and decided to look at what he had next: his parents' patisserie in Thessaloniki. He set up the place in his favorite neighborhood of Barcelona, Grace (Torrent de l'Olla 169), and until today. In addition to selling candy to go, Lukumas is a bright space decorated with a lot of vibes, "Without exaggeration, with a Greek touch but not folkloric", in whose only large wooden table you can drink good coffee accompanied by a wide selection of lukumas Hand made, fresh and tempting. Although those with chocolate are everyone's favorites, Petros recommends trying the cinnamon. On weekends you have to go early; the lukumas They fly

A family recipe from Greece to Barcelona © Lukumas

SOMETHING SALTED: the pretzels of the Pretiola
During the last year the Pretiola, from your local art noveau del Terminal (Corders 10), has been convincing of the benefits of these loop-shaped dough strips to many tourists and neighbors who used to know what a pretzel. “The oldest snack in the world”, As they define it, it is very popular in central Europe or in the United States, and as addictive as their success is not in danger.
“The philosophy of our business is to sell a handmade product, 100% natural, at a low price”They explain to us, and we corroborate: for only one euro we have a pretzel to choose between different varieties: from the classic with salt to Belgian chocolate, coconut or pepperoni, although we surrender to mozzarella, garlic and parsley, and the butter filling will always have a place in our heart.

A pretzel, "the oldest snack in the world" © Petriola

SOMETHING TASTY: the Argentine empanadas of the Rekons
That the old sign of “Canigó Farm” from Comte d'Urgell 32 Don't mislead: Rekons It is an Argentine bistro where you can have breakfast, enjoy a casual meal of sandwich and salad, have a coffee and especially buy the delicious empanadas that they themselves elaborate in their workshop. The 21 varieties that offer make the choice difficult: those of meat throw a lot, although we are inclined to the spicy sausage grease and the most delicate nut and roquefort.

Argentine dumplings: ÑAM © Rekons

They can be bought to carry or fight for a place on their small terrace and end up falling into the nets of the carrot cake or muffins They wink from the counter. Sunday morning at the time of the vermouth is boat by boat, and between the squat house opposite and the buzzard of the sellers of the Sant Antoni mercat, the visit to the Rekons becomes a flat.
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The best dumplings in the old 'Canigó Farm' © Rekons

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