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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: airs of Scottish countryside

Between so much beach, we want some countryside. We look out at the Scottish countryside, getting fully into the tranquility of the Highlands, the craziest nightlife in Glasgow and the occasional drink and photographic plan in Madrid.

1. In bed: Quinquis chronicles (Javier Valenzuela, K.O Books). The quintessential book of Canallesco Journalism (with capital letters) of the 80s in Spain. The Valenzuela chronicles published in El País function as a social portrait of an era in a Madrid of events, police, quinquis, junkies and journalists without social networks.

2. At the bar: Cock Bar (Queen's Street 16, Madrid). A milestone in Madrid night. East English bar in the center of the capital He has been standing since 1921 when his owners decided to look in London for the essence of the 'English Club' to transfer it to Madrid. Owner after owner, famous after famous, celebrity after celebrityIt is still the perfect place to have a cocktail, in the heat of its impressive fireplace.

3. Between frames: PHotoEspaña 2013 continues to open exhibitions with its leitmotiv: the body. We recommend, within the Official Section, the following exhibitions opened this week: WOMEN. The feminist vanguard of the 70s. Works of the SAMMLUNG VERBUND, Vienna (Circle of Fine Arts until September 1); Chaos taxonomy (Lázaro Galdiano Foundation until June 30).

Chaos Taxonomy © PHE13 / Courtesy of Rafael Doctor Roncero

Taxonomy of chaos © © PHE13 / Courtesy of Rafael Doctor Roncero

4. In the club: King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. A pub with live music. Every new band and every group 'on fire' You have to stop by to make yourself known and have a good party. Alabama Shakes, Blood Red Shoes, Death in Vegas ... It's the place to be.

Death In Vegas playing at the King Tut's © King Tut's Wah Wah Hut

5. On the table: The Honors (58th North Castle Street, Edinburgh). Is the brasserie of chef Martin Wishart, A true king Midas of business. Classic French cuisine updated in a contemporary environment, not too formal, much like the great London dining rooms.

6. On the road: The Valley of Tears, Glencoe. Perhaps one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Scottish Highlands. Instead, its history hides a tragedy, the massacre of the Campbell clan that left the area virtually deserted. Today, the landscape is still as melancholic as spectacular.

Classic French cuisine as a London dining room © Honors

7. In the stadium: What are your bets on Roland Garros?

8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): Tourists. How not This very black comedy premieres where the two protagonists they travel the British Isles in their caravan… That's how Chris tries to show his life and his world to Alice, his partner. The problem is everything that happens during the trip. Murder included.

'Tourists' © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Quantum. “The Kelly Family of post-rock” play in the Taboo room today Friday at 10pm. Come in, have a drink and enter the tune loop folkies and progressive of your disk Now, I Don't Remember the Truth.
10. A neighborhood:
West End, Glasgow The city's window is on these streets: the Kelvingrove museum, the street Byres Road (full of shops, boutiques and perfect for pecking something), the botanical garden where you can breathe fresh air and lose yourself in the streets of flowers and trees and a secret: the vintage cinema of Ashton Lane.

11. In the conversation: Will you return to town this summer? We, definitely and flatly, YES. Reasons, here.

Quantum, 'The Kelly Family of post-rock' © Elías Arriero

Video: TERROR BY NIGHT. Sherlock Holmes. Basil Rathbone. Full Length Crime Movie. English. HD. 720p (April 2020).

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