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The new Barceloneta: anatomy of a change

La Barceloneta, a city within another city, today embraces the avant-garde of architecture and design in its new establishments without losing its traditional character.

The Barceloneta is a charismatic popular and bustling neighborhood that has known how to live outside the big city that swallows you. Of marine and industrial origin, its streets ordered in the eighteenth century by the engineer Juan Martín Cermeño are developed around the Plaza de la Barceloneta-chaired by the church of San Miguel- and that of the poet Boscá, contemporary of Garcílaso de la Vega .

In the mid-twentieth century the first signs of renewal were observed. But it is in 2007 when another step is taken. MiAS Arquitectos projects the renovation of the market as a great sculptural object with various superimposed metal layers, as if it were an ancestral animal that swallows the animation that it propitiates. Since then, the shops have been renewed slowly but surely, with few concessions to a radical design.

The Ben Plantat: a lot of charm in a small space © The Ben Plantat

In this context the usual establishments do not lose rope. The Golden Cup, for example, a lifetime tapas bar always full, has not changed its bars and tables of light wood ultra varnished and its ornaments of German beer mugs. To keep up, sponsor all kinds of sporting events at the two nearby swimming clubs, the Barcelona Swimming Club or the Althetic Barceloneta Swimming Club, neighbors and great rivals.

In what was the entrance arcade to a bullring, is the Els Mas del Arcs fruit shop, which still retains the Passatge de la Cadena ticket poster. In this immense greengrocer, somewhat chaotic, you can find seasonal fruits and vegetables and nuts. Marius, the founder's son, has taken the witness and Organizes concerts and exhibitions as a way to promote the excellence of your products. You have to try the tomatoes, they are delicious.

The vanguard is found in places like Baluart, one of the reference bakeries in Barcelona, with lines at all hours. According to Anna Bellsolá, the owner and master baker, whose book is already a bestseller: “The bread in Baluard is done little by little, respecting the rest of the dough and the ingredients, without adding anything that is not necessary; and as necessary, we understand flour, water, salt and yeast. ” And adds: “All our bread is cooked in a wood oven. Oak, beech and oak ”, he adds

SegonsMercat It opened a few months ago. Its fish and tapas are as fresh as the sensation of the space itself. Open kitchen, mastery of white color and suggestive photographs. The multiple blackboards that the dishes show us indicate that it is a market offer.

Baluard: traditional bread in Barceloneta © Baluard

The logo of Vioko It is a beautiful white reindeer. When you see its facade on the Paseo de Juan de Borbón, it becomes difficult to suspect that inside you live an experience of ice cream, chocolate and sweets with capricious shapes drawings. The whiteness of the interior design leads you to the purity of the ingredients. Its showcases, stands and packaging place you in a jewelry store.

Cheesecake ice cream with fruits of the Vioko forest © Vioko

The Xiringo is a very small wine and tapas bar, but this has not been an obstacle for the Financial Times to have chosen it among the five best sites in Barcelona. Selected wines of the country, exquisite wild potatoes and delicious artichoke hearts, among its claims. It is advisable to be advised by its owner, Xavier Maymó.

A Catalan and a Mexican have mixed the flavors of their origins and have opened the doors of Ben Plantat, another small space, but with great charm. Designed by Natzaret Querol, it owes its familiar and intimate character to recycled light wood, ceramic lamps designed by Xavier Mañosa and industrial chairs.

And for shopping, the surfing world of Box220SurfShopBCN, in a waterfront construction with a gable roof and wood inside. There coexists sailing, water skiing, wakesurfing, wakeboarding and other marine “Xtreme” disciplines of difficult-to-remember names, with live concerts, great saunas and even an ice cream shop.

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