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The end of the square plate: the return to the origins in the design of restaurants

The gastronomic bubble, in addition to a lot of noise, brought with it the invasion of the square plates, the black glasses, the rococo armchairs and a host of lavish decorative nonsense. Now, the race of authenticity and less is more has also reached the design of restaurants. We review successes and errors of this return to the origins.

"Simplicity is really very complicated."

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The most beautiful restaurants in the world

They are words of Sir Jonathan Ive, executive vice president of Apple design and the great white hope in Cupertino so that the ship of the manzanita continues furrowing peacefully the firewood of our credit cards. To place ourselves, this guy is the designer behind the iMac, the iPhone, the iPad or the white headphones present in all the Starbucks fokin of the planet. For designers from half the world, Ive is “their” Ferran Adrià. The true genius. Awarded as Royal Designer for Industry by The Royal Society of Arts and spiritual heir of Dieter Rams, its influence goes beyond screens and cables. Far beyond.

“When an object is well designed, you connect with it. You have to eliminate everything superfluous, everything that is not important. ” Its less is more applied to technology has changed the way we relate to the objects that surround us every day. It has changed everything. And somehow I can't stop seeing a connection (connections, always connections), a thread that connects its immeasurable influence with everything that has happened to the design in the restoration during the last ten years.


Before the Noma, the crisis, the second brands of great chefs, the waiting lists and the menus to twelve turkeys the sector wasted enthusiasm, pasta and a “bigger than life” that it led us to create lavish 'gastronomic spaces' where luxury was the message: golden, uncomfortable rococo armchairs, black walls (black!), Starck lamps and pomp to Cascoporro.

Fortunately all that ended, the sector ceased to interest finance and Entertainment and so "only" cooks were left. As we have already pointed out here, “This new luxury replaces the pomp and the gold ones with wood, space and nudity. This Nordic style flees from the lush and seeks to epatar without dazzling. The connection with the person through natural materials (wood, stone, skin) and a scenario that does not pretend to be your cathedral but your home ”. The race of authenticity and less is more had come to the restoration and also to its design. And precisely the design of restaurants is what the British reward every year Restaurant & Bar Design Awards: the 'Oscars' of design in restoration.

A return to naturalness © Kook

It is the fifth edition of some awards that reward the best designers, architects and interior designers and, what a coincidence, last year they crowned a Spanish restaurant: A Cantina, in Santiago de Compostela (designed by Estudio Nómada). It is interesting to see the projects selected for the 2013 awards (they fail in September) and analyze how they reflect the trends and spaces of how the bars will be, restaurants and food houses where we fell in love; where we will meet new friends and forget several unforgettable girlfriends.

But before going ready to our 25 favorites, let's go with what is and what is not in restaurant design trends.


- Outside tablecloths. This is already more than a trend. Nudity has come to the table and big ones like Quique Dacosta, Nerua, Coque, Ricard Camarena, Dos Palillos, Koy Sunkha, 41º or Tickets dress tables without thread.

- Organic materials. Wood (lots of wood!) And noble materials such as concrete and bare microcement. Blackboards where humanity relieves the plasma screens in our hipsters hearts. Blackboards where the menu and wines are accompanied with flowers, chalk and cuquis phrases.

- At home better. It seems that the new restaurants pass very strongly from that (wonderful) declaration of intentions of the teacher Rafael Azcona "Like away from home nowhere". The bars want to be your home and that translates into plants, your grandmother's dishes and cookers in sight. All in family.

- Music But music, not noise. The time of DJs (good), chill and chunda-chunda passed. The multicultubares that come give way to jazz records, vinyl on the walls and desktop to the rhythm of Jamie Cullum.


- Balinese bed. The Ibizan decoration, the white beds, the destroy polyester, the wipe lounge and the buckets with regulero champagne (ahem) have, thank God, the days counted. Guti no. Quique González yes.

- Low tables. At some point some genius interior decorator touched by the magic wand imposed that twisted and uncomfortable fashion of the tables and low chairs. Things from India, the Taj Mahal, the oriental inspiration or what I know. The horror.

- Rare glasses, rare dishes. Glasses of black champagne (what color will the wine be?), Square plates, or the most absurd, stupid and terrifying of the inventions created by man: the cup of coffee without a handle.

- Audrey Hepburn. You're so cute, Audrey. But enough to see your Warhol version. Seriously.

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Yes, © Tacofino Commissary

See 26 photos

The most beautiful restaurants in the world

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