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Celebrating the summer with GQ in San Jorge Juan

When and where does summer start in Madrid? On Jorge Juan Street in the GQ night of San Jorge Juan, held last night between fashion personalities and the best stores open until midnight. With the arrival of good weather, the men's trend magazine par excellence went out yesterday to pay homage to the Sun King between cocktails and, of course, a lot of style.

It was the afternoon of beer and fashion, the night of mojito and style and it was also the event that marked the beginning of summer fashion at the Jorge Juan street, pedestrian and more stylish than ever for this day. More than 40 stores were open to the public until midnight, offering discounts and gifts. But the longest night did not end here: the party continued through the restaurants and bars in the area and the streets were filled with food and drink stalls in the purest 'urban picnic' style.

In this 'picnic' personalities joined the flag style like Vinila Von Bismark, Pablo Rivero, Hiba Abouk, designer Juanjo Oliva, Ángel Schlesser, model Almudena Fernández, Mayte de la Iglesia… And of course, the entire GQ drafting team led by its director Daniel Entrialgo which made it very clear: “summer has finally arrived and we have to celebrate it”.

Welcome to summer with more style © Leticia Díaz, Ines Molina and Luis Spinola

That's how it was and that's how San Jorge Juan is, the GQ magazine event that marks the arrival of summer every year with all the heat and the whole class in the epicenter of the city's fashion. "And let's see if we cheer up and buy a colorful shirt," as actor Rubén Ochandiano said at the event, "as GQ, we got out of the pattern", finished the journalist Marta Fernández.

The Place To Be © Leticia Díaz, Ines Molina and Luis Spinola

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