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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: from the silence of Cape Cod to the electronics of Sónar

We want beach, but not overcrowding. We will take advantage of the still calm times of the American east coast in Cape Cod, where Hopper embodied the solitudes of his paintings; but we also want some war and for this, we have to stay on the Peninsula, giving free rein to the animal we carry inside with the best electronics, that of Sónar.

1. In bed: Manu, Manuel Jabois (Pumpkin Nuts ed.). A hilarious Galician autobiographical work that this time is opting to explain how it has been this last year and peak in his life, with the arrival of his son whom he conceived as follows: "He was under a hangover that seemed to come from two centuries ago , as if instead of celebrating a birthday last night we had taken the Bastille, when I made the heroic decision to take a powder. "
2. On the bar: Monkey Bar (Elysèe Hotel, 60 E. 54 th St ;; New York). The editor of Vanity Fair is a regular of this place, more famous for its atmosphere and its glasses than for its cuisine, Contemporary American, which does not impress too much. Even so it is one of the hot spots of the city.
3. Between frames: Robert Mapplethorpe. Works from 1980 to 1989. Elvira González Gallery (General Castaños 3 street, Madrid). Mapplethorpe's work, as always, in the nude. 32 pieces are part of this exhibition giving raw importance to the human body over a minimalist work where light contrasts give life even to inanimate objects.

Robert Mapplethorpe © Elvira González Gallery

4. In the club: Nasti closes, an entire institution in Madrid night. We still have time to say goodbye, until July 27. For now, let's be optimistic celebrating the openings, like the local Lolita 13 in Vigo, whose official inauguration will take place today, bringing more music, more night and much more doom to this Galifornia of ours.

Lolita Thirteen © Intagram / theresisashadowplay

5. On the table: Hard Rock Cafe (Paseo de la Castellana 2, Madrid). The madness made hamburger: Madrid's Hard Rock Café celebrates today Founder's Day, that is, the 42 years of the creation of the first Hard Rock in London, a myth. What better way than orfrecer 71 hamburgers 'Legendary' to 42 cents? And at night, music. The Pirate and his band liven up the nightfall of Hard Rock from 8.30pm.

Hamburgers at 42 cents: don't think about it © Hard Rock Madrid

6. On the road: Cape cod. Hopper immortalized his extreme tranquility and almost desolation in his paintings. But in summer, this eminently holiday area is transformed, full of life, tripling its population. Tour this Massachusetts peninsula on the Old King's Highway, touring the coast and passing by Provincetown (the most important city), is a delight, Hopperiana stamp where there are.
7. In the stadium: Confederations Cup begins with the Brazil-Japan match at 9:00 p.m. on Saturday 15 in Brasilia.

Surfing in Cape Cod © Corbis

8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): Before sunrise, Before sunset (Richard Linklater). Before the premiere of Before midnight In Spain (on June 28), we recommend you to stroll through Vienna and by Paris from the hand of this strange and wonderful couple formed by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy, who meet on a train to meet again a decade later in the city of Light. What will happen in the third reunion in Greece? Bets are accepted.

Before Sunrise © D.R.

9. On the walkman: Kraftwerk. The Germans fall for Barcelona to give everything in the Sónar 2013 With a 3D show. Lovers of electronics, today you have to be in Barcelona.
10. A neighborhood: since we started touring the Cape Cod peninsula, between beach, hill and valley, we are now left with Martha's Vineyard, which is not a neighborhood but an island, object of vacation desire of the American Presidents for its tranquility and its remoteness from everything. What if we take a walk to Lake Tashmoo and get the best views of the island?
11. In the conversation: It was already rumored in the villa's mentideros (come on, in the Malasaña Informer) that the Nasti had the days counted. What will you do now in the nights of Madrid? What would you be willing to do to keep the room open?

Martha's Vineyard © Getty Images

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