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Hotels with cinema

Having a hotel with a movie theater included may seem like a suicidal act. Now that the attendance of spectators to commercial halls plummets, that the cinema is increasingly seen on small and portable screens, only non-commercial brains would dare to fit a cinema in any other space. But the world would not advance with this type of brains. And it would be very boring. If a hotel brains fancy a cinema in their hotel, it fits, makes it profitable and makes it a plus.

As always, the important thing is not the what, but the how. It is not enough to fill a room with chairs and place a big screen. The idea of ​​having a cinema in a hotel has to be consistent with the spirit of the place. In addition, the communion that is achieved by watching a movie in the company of, normally, strangers, is too special to miss.

There are good examples of hotels with cinema. Everyone looks for their formula. These are some.


This format is repeated in cities like London or New York. It is not about opening a room for the enjoyment of customers as of using it for commercial purposes. In these hotels, profiles of show biz for their screenings and parallel events. The Tribeca Grand Hotel It is a perfect example of this way of making a hotel space profitable. And, in addition, to do it with elegance taking advantage of the rebuilding of the Tribeca Film Festival and the cinematic halo of New York City itself.

Something similar happens in London in the W Leicester. It has its Screening Room for members of the industry to meet. It is designed as if it were inside a chamber of the bellows of a Victorian chamber and It has velvet, skin and tweed to gogó. It has vips and its corresponding popcorn bar. There is no cinema without them. The Bulgari Hotel in London It has its own screening room dedicated to Richard Attenborough. Like the rest, it has cutting-edge technology in HD and all the advances that we can imagine and even those that do not.

The room of the Tribeca Grand © Tribeca Grand


There are hotels located in old cinemas. That prints character. It is the case of Astoria 7 of San Sebastián, built where the old Astoria Cinema was. Each of its 102 rooms is dedicated to a star that has been invited by the Festival. It has the logical movie theater. A similar case is that ofCinema Hotel, Tel Aviv. There, each client can enjoy movie sessions with their popcorn at the end of the day. All inclusive. In Madrid there is a mythical example: that of Vincci Capitol Hotel. Is, literally, about the Capitol cinema. It retains original machinery and is the only one in Spain that has an active cinema in its space.

The Screening Room of W Leicester © W Leicester


If going to conventional cinema seems like a decadent act, you can always choose to get the ticket for one of a hotel. That must have thought of him Soho Hotel, From london. Here it offers more than just a movie: you can have lunch, have tea or dine at the restaurant Refuel before watching a premiere or a classic. One way to improve the experience.

And you can curl more the curl of pleasure: especially when the weather is good. We talk about outdoor cinemas. You can be in a good hotel, enjoying a movie and under the moon. There are hotels that have made it their star service, such as Limes Hotel in Queensway (Australia). The cinema is open all year to guests and visitors. The Sani Resort, in Greece replenishes winter movies in his summer cinema. A summer cinema of those who They involve homemade sandwich, cold beer and uncomfortable chairs. A delight

The next-generation hostels point to the idea of ​​placing an XL screen in their space. In your case, they use it to generate more community among their guests and they are perfect territory to watch football finals or short sessions. The U Hostel Madrid has a small movie theater where you can see literally everything at zero cost. The Hamburg Superbude, everything hipster we expect, does the same.

"Honey, have you finished the sandwich club, did we go down to see Bourne's last?"

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The outdoor cinema of the Sani Resort © Sani Resort

Video: Cinema Hotel Tel Aviv - Official Video (April 2020).

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