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Madrid: gastronomic kilometer zero of the Zone Diet

Looking for new gastronomic recipes, in the heart of Madrid we drop by the Kitchen Club cooking school. There we discovered the perfect summer menu by the chef Íñigo Urrechu, following the guidelines of the Zone Diet.

Our meeting point: the Kitchen Club (Ballesta, 8), a multipurpose center that offers an extensive calendar of cooking, cocktail and wine courses. Also, after class they organize a food or dinner where you will enjoy everything you have prepared. On this occasion, and with Iñigo Urrechu As a teacher, we prepare healthy and healthy recipes following the advice of the Zone Diet.

Iñigo Urrechu began in kitchen in 1987 by the hand of Martín Berasategui until in 2002 he got the dream of his life: to have his own restaurant, located in the C.C. Souk of Pozuelo, in Madrid. Urrechu has a wonderful recreation of the atmosphere of the Basque cider houses, in which to enjoy a wide variety of creative and Basque-style skewers. All this without forgetting the traditional cider house menu, in which you can not miss the Cod omelette, or the splendid Iberian chacinas Y artisan cheeses, served by the Spanish champion of ham cutters.

The Zone Diet It is a nutritional concept created by Barry sears which combines food to achieve a correct hormonal balance. It is based on the intake provided in the feeding of 40%, 30% and 30% of carbohydrates, proteins and fats respectively at each meal. In this way it manages to stabilize the levels of blood insulin, preventing excess fat accumulation and favoring the accumulated fat is eliminated. Among many other benefits, the Zone Diet It allows you to lose weight in a healthy way and thanks to the hormonal control it produces, it helps reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases, others like arthritis and asthma.

Urrechu is a faithful follower of the Zone Diet and aware of its benefits, he claims to have found a balanced formula for healthy eating, find our ideal weight and optimal state of health. That is why it applies this philosophy in its restaurants, where you can find exquisite, healthy and very easy to prepare dishes.

The domains of Urrechu: the Kitchen Club © Kitchen Club

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