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Rome: From 'La dolce vita' to 'Ben Hur'

Audrey Hepburn was never as radiant as she was on a Vacation in Rome. So much that he even disheveled, as he had never done before, to cut his hair later. In the Eternal City, the actress who embodied the princess of the mysterious European state met the love traveling through the city in the motorboat of Gregory Peck, slept on 51 Via Margutta and lived the crazy party nights on the banks of the Tiber. It even gave him time to fall in love in 24 hours. Imagine everything you can do in 48.


On the 6th floor of Hassler Hotel is the Imago restaurant (tasting menu: 140 euros). From its windows you can have in one glance all the sky of Rome before our eyes. Its chef, Neapolitan Francesco Apreda, with a Michelin star, makes contemporary reinterpretations of Italian regional food recipes.

Dinner with a view at the Imago restaurant at Hotel Hassler © Hotel Hassler


One of the (many) possible romantic walks at sunset in Rome can begin at the Colosseum. He takes the Via dei Fori Imperiali on the left sidewalk and turn left on Via di San Pietro in Carcere. You will get a beautiful view of the entire fororect, passing in front of the statue of the Capitoline Wolf, you will reach the Capitol and the Capital Museums. From above, and with this light, you can see the geometric layout of its square, designed by Michelangelo, with the statue of Marco Aurelio in the center. Going down the stairs, continue along the Marcello Theater to the left until you find the first street that leads to the river. By the bridge Fabricio crosses to the center of the Tiberina Island. In summer, the trip can be an outdoor cinema session; in winter the dish of the day of the restaurant Sora Lella.

By the bridge Fabricio crosses to the center of the Tiberina Island © Corbis


Couples of moviegoers will find a reef to unleash their concerns at the Dream Factory, that is, Cinecittà film studios, founded by Mussolinni in the 40s, and linked to American productions such as Ben Hur or Gangs of New York or Italian as La Dolce Vita. The visit focuses on the history of the studies and shows several facets: from how the decorations are made, to the dressing room, and can be completed with a tour of the backstage. Hours from 9.30 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Closed Tuesdays. Admission costs 10 euros (20 full visit).

If Audrey fell in love in 24 hours, imagine what you can do in 48 © Corbis


On the grounds where the Gran Meliá Villa Agrippina Agrippina was born, the mother of Emperor Nero. Today is a Five-star boutique hotel Grand Luxury in a huge pink building with contemporary and spacious rooms and a garden with a pool that might well look like the Caribbean. It is in the Gianicolo, and a walk along the banks of the Tiber River. From the Premium suite you can see the dome of San Pedro and the Supreme has a private garden. Although it is late night to get up early so as not to miss breakfast. At Villa Agrippina you can also enjoy the service Meliá Red Level, a space with snacks and drinks open throughout the day. At Marconi neighborhood, south of Rome, the H10 Rome Città It does not clash with the modern architecture of the neighboring EUR neighborhood. Its interior decoration is modern and functional, but without a doubt, its biggest attraction is its swimming pool: it is priceless in the hot Roman summer.

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The H10 Roma Città © H10

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