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Five things to take in Galicia (in summer)

We know that in Galicia it is not that there is no summer, it is that the four seasons can be combined on the same day or even in a matter of hours. The weather can be unstable, but what never fails is the satisfaction when it comes to eating and drinking that these essentials of the Galician summer give. And no, it is not the optimal time of the year for some types of seafood but, the truth, you will not miss it either.

Octopus on the island of Ons.

For those mysteries of life, the pulpeiras that are most famous in Galicia are those of Carballiño, in Ourense, the only non-coastal Galician province, but There is unanimity that the best octopus is fished in Ons, in the estuary of Pontevedra. The Cies Island they have more fame since the beach of Rhodes led one of those rankings so subjective but that we like so much the best beaches in the world, although Ons, half an hour by boat from Bueu, is inhabited all year round, also part of the national park, also It has great beaches and especially it eats infinitely better. There is always octopus, but enjoying a ration of octopus "a feira", with potato and paprika and then taking the nap of taking a nap on the beach two steps makes it an enviable summer plan.

Nice in Burela.

It is no surprise that the fish markets, with their trajín and their auctions in reverse, are a spectacle. In the one of Burela, in the lucense coast, the spectacle is multiplied during the season of fishing of the bonito, just in the months of summer, when the boats of the Cantabrian coast dock loaded of this portento of the sea, of clearer meat and of Taste softer than tuna. After the product enters through the eyes you have to stay to eat in the same market, in the restaurant on the first floor: It is not the most elegant or charming place but, there is no doubt possible, the product is unparalleled.

Padron peppers.

Let's break the myth: the very popular and ubiquitous in any Galician restaurant in Spain "Padrón peppers", although very rich, have a good chance of having grown up in Murcia. The authentic Padrón peppers are actually from Herbón, a small town next to Padrón, and the season to consume them is only between May and October, when the plant gives several crops. The genuine ones come in sachets with the seal of the protected designation of origin well visible and how we consume them we all master: fried and with a little salt. If they bite, you have to endure; They are the risks of living to the limit.

He came on one of the wine tourism routes.

You have to choose according to personal taste: if you want albariño wine (white) you have to make the route of the Rías Baixas, if you are looking for spectacular landscapes you must opt ​​for that of the Ribeira Sacra descending through thecanyons of the Sil… Autumn during the harvest is the magic moment, but in summer and in good weather the five routes look like never before their Romanesque monasteries, picturesque villages, modernized and panoramic cellars of the strains between winding roads.

Sardines in San Juan.

In the coastal places the night of San Juan is always a special holiday, with that magical thing of fire as a symbol of rebirth and the summer solstice pagan heritage. Mystical scrolls apart, in Galicia it is celebrated with grilled bonfires and sardines that moisten with its fat greasy portions of corn bread. You have to choose the favorite neighborhood or beach, because very possibly (and more in the coastal areas) a bonfire and popular sardine are celebrated. And if you doubt, in Coruña the night does not disappoint: concerts, bonfires, food, party on the beach of Riazor and, for the brave, the Atlantic Ocean is always there to take a bath rather than life-giving.
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Padron Peppers from Pepe Solla © D.R.

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