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Editor'S Choice - 2020

The Once Canalla: Segovian getaway and Music Festival

This weekend we celebrate music more than ever and make a Segovian getaway, with all the benefits of its cuisine and its landscapes. Music and sounds of nature, which one do you choose? Do not choose: get both.

1. In bed: Ashes. Álvaro Ortiz. This comic is not a road trip, it is not a continuous reference to culture underground, it is not a tribute to post rock music, it is not a graphic mystery novel ... And it is all at once. We'll just say that it starts by quoting 'Come on' from Pixies. Today is the International Music Day. It could not be another book more traveler or more musician.

'Ashes', the freehand road movie © D.R.

2. On the bar: La Tita Rivera (Calle Pérez Galdós 4, Madrid) La Tita is a vice that you should know in the capital. With its little red tins of summer (and whatever it is) there is no better place to get a 'piscolabis' and enjoy the life of the city. It makes us crazy. We love. Tita always.

LaTitas of what you want © La Tita

3. Between frames: Bolaño Archive (Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona). 'Bolaño Archive' is the definitive compilation of the Chilean writer who collects the CCCB, tribute to his work and his person on the tenth anniversary of his death. Enjoy it until the 30th of this month.

Bolaño Archive © CCCB / Lucía Calvo

4. In the club: Nasti (San Vicente Ferrer, 33. Madrid). Close. And we are not going to get tired of saying it shouldn't. For now, knowing that this weekend is celebrated International Music Festival, we stay in it as a tribute to the mythical Madrid room that so many groups have welcomed throughout their long life.
5. On the table: Parador of La Granja de San Ildefonso (Segovia). Yes, that La Granja's beans are the jewel in the crown, but we give ourselves a fresher tribute between the fountains of La Granja Palace with clams served in the Parago Segovia restaurant par excellence.

6. On the road:
the Palace and Gardens of La Granja de San Ildefonso in Segovia. A nearby getaway, comfortable and very rewarding. Take the car and get ready for a good traditional gastronomic tasting, enjoy the show of the fountains at 17.30 on Saturday and Sunday and rest at the Parador. In addition, the town is anniversary this weekend, with the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Don Juan. Touch to approach Segovia. And if you want to extend the trip a little longer, do not forget to travel the Duraton Sickles (We recommend the bicycle, but if you want to give emotion to the thing, go ahead and rent a canoe).

Gardens of La Granja de Segovia © Corbis

7. In the stadium: Spain-Nigeria on Sunday at 9:00 p.m.

8. In the cinema (inside or outside the home): High Fidelity
. One of the films that has best portrayed the passion for music (eye, we do not forget the book of Nick hornby on which it is based, quite faithfully, we have to say), with that John cusack whose projects in life began by making concert chronicles and ended up having a music group at Sonic youth... He was content to have his own music store with such passion that we even envied him despite his chaotic life. That's how it is.

'High Fidelity' © D.R.

9. On the walkman: any of the groups that this weekend will step on the stages of the Slaughterhouse of Madrid at Music's day, the festival of the capital that pays tribute to what moves us day by day, music. How are you The New Pornographers? Your return must be epic, or so we would like. We also opted for Darkstar, electronic atmospheres with a dark touch, perfect to see how the sun sets on Saturday in Slaughterhouse. But for dark ones, The horrors, who return after their ephemeral appearance to the dishes at the Get Dirty festival in the capital, to present new temitas. And to welcome the moon, Disclosure, who did not disappoint with their electronics at the close of the second day of Primavera Sound 2013 and we hope they do not do it on Saturday.

Today and tomorrow: MUSIC IN VENA © Music Day

10. A neighborhood: It's not a neighborhood, but it could take up one's space. Bois de Boulogne It is the perfect place to picnic in Paris, even aboard a boat in Lac Inférieur, the largest lake in the park (a park of more than 800 hectares, How many possibilities to extend the tablecloth!).
11. In the conversation: Today we pay homage to the good weather and throw ourselves in the grass to enjoy a good picnic. The palm is taken by Paris. But what are your favorite places to recreate the art of piqueniquer?

Video: El once ideal - Buitre Canalla DEMO OFICIAL (April 2020).

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