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Editor'S Choice - 2020

Pop Up spaces, the attraction of the ephemeral

The new “Pop Up” spaces arrive from Venice, London and Madrid, whose magic lies in their ephemeral character and in their capacity for surprise. They appear, excite ... and disappear leaving a good taste in the mouth.

The success of the pop up concept has spread in recent years throughout the world. Perishable proposals become the most desired, unique opportunities. For a variable time the promoters use all their weapons to get attention: the call of the organic and the natural; the location in places normally inaccessible to ordinary citizens; the design by great architects or interior designers… In addition, they usually know perfectly which potential clients they are targeting, and the quality is usually optimal.

Objects and clothes of the most vibrant Spanish designers and craftsmen of the moment, tasty cocktails and the best sandwiches. This formula (apparently so simple) is what it offers this courtyard located in the heart of Madrid -in the palace of Santa Barbara, from the 19th century- and that will only open a few months.

The Viajero bar deals with cocktails, the Magasand restaurant with sandwiches and snacks and Better is Better than the general organization and the careful selection of the creators, exhibited in the halls of the palace transformed into a shop. They are sold from the delicate handkerchiefs of Su Turno to the fun pottery and kitsch of Chichinabo through the ethereal of Rim Cerámicas, the desired collection of Pintón t-shirts, the exquisite embroideries of Yolanda Andrés, the PET Lamp lamps of Álvaro Catalán de Ocón, the hats with an ethnic touch of Yellowand Stone or the wooden games of Simone Nicotra.

In the garden it has been mounted a terrace with very colorful furniture and big shadows to protect visitors from the sun.

Clothing and crafts of Spanish designers © The Patio


This "restaurant" has in its own name its main characteristic, that of being POPUP, and in fact They inform their loyal customers of their location just one day in advance. The city is their domain, and they organize gastronomic events or occupy restaurants closed on Sundays or during holidays with their Fresh and natural menus, with succulent dishes and tasty cocktails.

They are specialized in brunch, that combination of breakfast and food that reaps so successfully on the last day of the week. Following the project are chef Harry Cummins and sommelier Laura Vidal, who lead this part-time culinary experience.

The great Parisian banquet is Pop-Up © Paris Pop-Up


Although it may be a simplification, also certain temporary art installations could be called pop up, since they obey the same rules and slogans. This is the case of the Serpentine Gallery in London which, like every year, displays its collaborations with great architects, Gehri, Niemeyer, Hadiz, Herzog & de Meuron projecting ephemeral spaces in Kengsinton Gardens.

Sou Fujimoto's is almost aerial, a semi-transparent elevated structure, like a cloud which integrates perfectly with the nature of the environment. The public can interact by climbing the structure and inside it has even mounted a small cafe. Fujimoto's claim has been "to propose an architectural landscape for people to interact and explore, take the average of the structure, volumes and geometry, a game and learning of what it means to build in space," he says.

In November it will disappear and there will be a living memory in those who lived this sophisticated pop up experience.

The ephemeral work of Sou Fujimoto © Serpentine Gallery


After its success in Paris and in Moscow, The Museum of Everything - The Museum of Everything - is now in Venice as part of its itinerant journey. It is not just a wandering museum, but it can be multiplied in several cities at the same time. They look for the weirdest: art and the most alternative objects, which can be contemporary or old. They open in unique places and sometimes incorporate a coffee, The Café of Everything, which always seeks to surprise, in the same line of the museum.

Now this museum is part of the official program of the 55th Venice Biennale, where the work of the self-taught Italian painter Carlo Zinelli, whose work fascinated André Breton or Dino Buzzati. His hypnotic work is located in Serra dei Giardini, a beautiful garden with a greenhouse.

In London, The Museum of Everything is located in the Hayward Gallery and includes the exhibition of the Indian sculptor Neck Chang, within the show Alternative Guide to the Universe. The museum is a non-profit institution that does not receive subsidies and that promotes assistance to various charities.
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A London armory can promptly serve as the 'Museum of Everything' © The Museum Of Everything

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