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American stadiums where to eat as if there was no tomorrow

One of the essential classics in every trip to the United States is to go to a game of baseball, basketball, football or hockey. It is a fun experience that is far from the football matches that we live in our stadiums or national courts. And, in addition, it is a great opportunity to run a feast of endless food. Because remember: this is America, friend.

Whether you go to a league game or the NCAA final, the Stanley Cup or the Superbowl you have to have something very clear: here we have not only come to cheer on the teams, we have come to feel the intense atmosphere and How not to enjoy the food. Yes, those American (guilty) pleasures that we like so much: that if puppies, that if popcorn, nachos, ice cream, pizzas, cotton candy, and even a tasty 'clam chowder'(typical clam chowder from Boston and San Francisco Bay).

To make our sporting encounter incredible there are three unavoidable rules: behave like an amateur, cheer up like a real fan and eat like there's no tomorrow.


On your visit to The Angels, there are two enclaves that you cannot miss: the Staples Center of the Lakers and Dodger Stadium. Away from each other, they are two of the reference centers of the Californian coast. The Staples Center It is one of those multipurpose spaces that Americans like so much where sports and concerts intermingle in the same place. It is not only the home of the Lakers but also the Sparks, the Clippers, the LA Kings, and even Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Justin Bieber concerts are made.

Inside, one can taste pizzas, nachos, popcorn, gintonics, cocktails, the most diverse goodies and all kinds of guilty pleasures. But for a culinary experience of high standing, just ahead on the Nokia Live promenade you can try much more elaborate gastronomy as in the famous restaurants Katsuya, Mexican Rose or one of the well-known chef Wolfgang Puck. At Dodger Stadium Don't miss Saag's sauces or the mythical Dodger Dogs.


Just in front of the San Francisco Bay is the AT&T Park stadium of the Giants, madness as far as food is concerned. The culinary selection is so extensive that it will cost you to decide between a clam chowder, Mashi Bar sushi, barbecue ribs, pastrami or ahi tuna sandwiches, caesar salad, Mexican food, garlic fries and even Kosher food from Hebrew National; all accompanied by the great beer variety they have in Anchor Taproom. The sweet tooth can enjoy the tiramisu of Giuseppe Bazurro and the ice cream and sundaes of the mythical Ghirardelli chocolate. A whole gastro experience full of options. In addition, it is very fun to observe how the fans riding in their kayak are looking forward to receiving the ball from some home run.


Those who love fish tacos should undoubtedly buy tickets to see Los Padres hit at the San Diego Petco Park. They also have an extensive catering service for breakfast, lunch or dinner for parties and special events. The Key Lime Cheesecake and the filet mignon are essential.


In Arlington (Texas), the majestic stadium of the Dallas Cowboys where the XLV SuperBowl (2011) was held in which the Green Bay Packers beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (31-25) you can taste a delicious meal like roast lamb, all kinds of pasta and various delicacies. An American football stadium that is worth attending not only for the fantastic cheerleaders and their shows, the so-called 'Vaqueritas', but for having the world's largest double LCD screen inside a sports venue and for its magnificent retractable roof.


Stage of the Knicks or the Hockey Rangers, the Madison Square Garden It is the most famous stadium in the United States. In the heart of New York, it has all the delights of the big apple: desserts from Magnolia Bakery, sausages from Carnegie Deli, Aquagrill lobster and shrimp rolls, Yodel cupcakes (a kind of chocolate and cream pockets) from the famous Bouchon pastry, pizzas, popcorn, puppies and many more fast food stands. Without a doubt, a mandatory visit when traveling to New York.

And in the not-so-glamorous Bronx, the new Yankee Stadium It offers unique experiences both sportively and in gastro. Some of its indoor restaurants are the refined NYY Steak or the Hard Rock Café. Watch a game while you go away a succulent steak and a sweet cheesecake is priceless.


The oldest stadium in the major baseball leagues can be visited in Boston. Built in 1912, Fenway park It soon became a sporting jewel where Red Sox fans came to cheer on their team. Today fans and visitors can enjoy this scenario of many movies likeLove in game (Bobby and Peter Farrelly, 2005) with Drew Barrymore or City of thieves (Ben Affleck, 2010) while they gobble the famous hot dogs of Fenway Frank, a bowl of clam chowder from Legal Sea Foods or the hat-shaped bowls filled with ice cream and M & m's.


Here a visit to the Miami Heat stadium, current NBA champions, will be inevitable. On the Heat Airlines American Arena Arena they have dishes for all tastes: Mexican food from Famous Mexican Rose, Meatball Mania Meatballs, Maki Sushi, Chicken with Chicken Chop Chart Rice or food made in the Premium box of Dewar's Clubhouse. And those who want to continue with the bikini diet can go through Outtakes or Tossed To Order and buy the most healthy salads with healthy bowls of fresh fruit and vegetables.

If you have time on your trip to Florida, go to the baseball stadium Marlins Park for what they call a "culinary experience" with food Cuban, Mexican, Kosher and all kinds of gluten-free cupcakes or sandwiches. Another pearl of Florida is the Raymond James Stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of American football, with its huge pirate ship with parrot included inside that shoots cannons with shirts and balls every time the Buccaneers score. A hilarious place to savor a tasty Philly Cheese Steak at the Stadium Steakery or some prawns with chips, parmesan and garlic from Pirates Grill.


The wonderful stadium Mercedes-Benz Superdome, home of the New Orleans Saints of American football, where the NCAA men's final four was held last year is the perfect place to devour some sweet french toast or pancakes, an unbeatable truffle rissotto or blackened scallops. In addition to the obvious pleasures of fast food.


In Baltimore, the well known Camden Yards or Oriole Park, one can cheer on the Oranges accompanied by some funnel cakes, Korean barbecue, crab cakes, some Boog's BBQ dish, cotton candy and liters of National Bohemian Beer. Once the game is over, it is very typical to visit the statue of pitcher Babe Ruth outside the stadium, an honor received for being a native of the city.

At PNC Park, fans of The Pirates of Pittsburgh You can taste all kinds of food like Japanese in Nakama (sushi, noodles, etc.), frozen yogurt from Sincerely Yogurt or chicken wings from Rivertowne Brewing. And celiacs can order nachos or hot dogs without gluten at Just4U. A tasty Primanti Brothers sandwich with its typical touch of the city of steel is very necessary.

At Turner Field, fans of Atlanta Braves they can gobble up something that could horrify us here but that in the United States they adore: deep fried Oreos. Yes, fried Oreo cookies. Something very rare and unthinkable which in all the Amusement Parks of America include in the food halls. And because there are no Twinkies that previously also browned them in oil. Those who prefer Italian food will have their favorite corner in the Pasta Bar.

Passionate about hot dogs and hamburgers will find their new home in the Wrigley Field of Chicago (1914), the second oldest baseball stadium since Fenway Park. In the home of the Chicago Cubs, one can be satisfied with their Hot dogs along with some delicious Mai Tai and a beer imported from Wrigleyville Brew House.

Also in the stadium Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers fans can gobble up Coney Island style hot dogs. Of course, full of chili in Chicago Style Hot Dogs.

And of course, very necessary to try the delicious Bratwurst of Kramarczuk Target Field of Minneapolis where the Minnesota Twins play.

Nor should you miss your mini donuts, nachos and pretzels. The most soccer players can visit the stadium in Washington Robert F. Kennedy of the D.C United where it will be inevitable to order some great tacos of prawns, quesadillas, peck some yucca fries (cassava chips), some churros or a satiator funnel cake After so much food, you will end up so bagged that you will almost need help getting out of the seat. But that's the fun, isn't it?

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